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More Graphics Card Makers Roll Out Significant Price Hikes | www.SecurityPhresh.com
More Graphics Card Makers Roll Out Significant Price Hikes
13th Jan 2021 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
A week ago, Asus warned that its graphics cards and motherboards were about to receive significant price hikes due to “increases in cost for components, operating costs, and logistical activities plus a continuation of import tariffs.” Now, other GPU makers are following Asuss lead—one overtly, and the other quietly.Like Asus, EVGA isn’t hiding the fact that it’s increasing prices on its popular graphics cards.“Due to ongoing events, EVGA has made price adjustments on the GeForce RTX 30 Series products. This change was necessary due to several factors and will be effective January 11, 2021,” a notice at the top of EVGA’s graphics card landing page reads. “For those who are currently in the EVGA.com Notify Queue system or Step-Up Queue, EVGA will honor the original MSRP pricing through April 16, 2021, if your purchase position is processed before this date.”To read this article in full, please click here

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