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How Taiwans Civic Hackers Helped Find A New Way To Run The Country | www.SecurityPhresh.com
How Taiwans Civic Hackers Helped Find A New Way To Run The Country
27th Sep 2020 [28 days ago] from guardian.co.uk
New social media platform Polis cuts through noise and trolling to establish consensus – and create new lawsThe origin of one world always begins with its feet in another. And so it was in March 2014.It came to be known as the Sunflower movement, a sudden three-week stand-off in 2014 between the government and Taiwanese protesters occupying parliament over a trade bill purporting to bring their country closer to China. Related: There are new ways to do democracy that give me hope. More voices could change everything | Jess Scully Divisive statements, trolling, provocation – you simply couldn’t see these Related: The Upside – sign up here for a weekly digest of pure optimism emailed to you every Friday Continue reading...

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