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Why Democrats Probably Wont Boycott Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Why Democrats Probably Wont Boycott Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
26th Sep 2020 [29 days ago] from news.yahoo.com
As Democrats try to beat the odds and prevent the confirmation of President Trumps Supreme Court nominee (almost certainly Amy Coney Barrett) before the November presidential election, some lawmakers and activists have suggested boycotting the Senate Judicary Committee hearings, which are tentatively scheduled for the middle of October. Just dont expect the idea to gain much traction, The Washington Post reports, especially among Democrats who sit on the committee.Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) has said he will forego the standard courtesy visit, in which the nominee meets with senators individually, but he does intend to participate in the hearings and he believes all my Judiciary colleagues will.The risks of skipping out on the hearings seem to outweigh the potential reward, per the Post. If Democrats dont go, Republicans would likely move swiftly though the questioning and toward a committee vote.More specifically, though, a boycott could prevent Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who sits on the committee,...

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