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Intel Coyly Revealed An 8-core Tiger Lake CPU To Fight AMDs Ryzen 4000 | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Intel Coyly Revealed An 8-core Tiger Lake CPU To Fight AMDs Ryzen 4000
13th Sep 2020 [6 days ago] from PCWorld
Intel has quietly confirmed that it will do an 8-core version of its 11th-gen Tiger Lake chip.In a September 3 blog post on Medium noticed by Tom’s Hardware, Intel’s Boyd Phelps confirmed that in addition to the quad-core 11th-gen CPUs due in October, the company will also push out an 8-core variant.“The Willow Cove core increases the mid-level cache to 1.25MB—up from 512KB,” Phelps wrote, on the site usually associated with 12,000-word essays on avocado toast. “We also added a 3MB non-inclusive last-level-cache (LLC) per core slice. A single core workload has access to 12MB of LLC in the 4-core die or up to 24MB in the 8-core die configuration (more detail on 8-core products at a later date).”To read this article in full, please click here

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