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Germany To Make Anti-Semitism A Specific Hate Crime As Jews No Longer Feel Safe | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Germany To Make Anti-Semitism A Specific Hate Crime As Jews No Longer Feel Safe
1st Dec 2019 [12 days ago] from news.yahoo.com
Germany is to tighten its laws against anti-Semitic hate crimes in the wake of last months failed attack on a synagogue by a far-Right gunman. “I am ashamed that Jews no longer feel safe in Germany and that so many are even thinking of leaving the country,” Christine Lambrecht, the justice minister, told German MPs. “We have to send a clear signal against anti-Semitism.” Under the planned changes, crimes with an anti-Semitic motive will attract heavier sentences. The move comes after a synagogue in east Germany narrowly escaped becoming the scene of a massacre last month. Stephan Balliet, a German national who released a far-Right manifesto before the attack, failed in his attempts to break into the synagogue which was packed with 51  people marking Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. He later turned his gun on bystanders, killing two people. While the Halle attack was the highest profile incident, it was by no means an isolated case. Just days before, a Syrian man was stopped by security...

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