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Trump Says He Will Take A Look At Investigating Google For Treason | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Trump Says He Will Take A Look At Investigating Google For Treason
16th Jul 2019 [one month ago] from news.yahoo.com
Donald Trump has said he will take a look at investigating Google for treason.The president approvingly quoted an accusation by billionaire investor and Trump supporter Peter Thiel that the company had been working with the Chinese government.He said that Mr Thiel was a great and brilliant guy who knows this subject better than anyone!He then wrote: The Trump Administration will take a look!Mr Thiel – who helped found PayPal and serves on Facebooks board – had suggested that Google had been infiltrated by Chinese engineers and had made the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military, according to a report from Axios over the weekend.Speaking at a conference focused on nationalism, Mr Thiel said that three questions need to be asked of Google, according to the same Axios report. He said that the company should be asked how many foreign intelligence agencies had infiltrated its work on AI, whether the companys senior management thinks it has been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence,...

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