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‘Is Bernie Going To Come?’ Warren Seizes On Sanders Netroots Absence | www.SecurityPhresh.com
‘Is Bernie Going To Come?’ Warren Seizes On Sanders Netroots Absence
14th Jul 2019 [one month ago] from news.yahoo.com
The gathering of political progressives found itself almost spoilt for choice by the Democratic presidential field for 2020Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Netroots Nation annual conference for political progressives in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2018. Photograph: Jonathan Bachman/ReutersAmong nearly 4,000 progressive activists and organizers gathered in Philadelphia this week for the 14th and largest Netroots Nation convention, the 2020 presidential race felt like a turning point. Between Elizabeth Warren’s policy plans and Bernie Sanders’ grassroots energy, progressive ideas are dominating the Democratic primary.“We’re tired of waiting for change,” said Yvette Simpson, chief executive of Democracy for America. “We’re tired of talking about compromising with the other side when it always requires us to compromise our values. I do believe we are ready for a bold champion.”At panels, breakout sessions and happy hours, attendees marveled at their options: two uncompromising liberal senators...

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