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Woe Is The Life Of A Security Analyst In March | www.SecurityPhresh.com
Woe Is The Life Of A Security Analyst In March
13th Mar 2018 [9 months ago] from SecurityWeek
The IRS issued a warning last month about an updated version of the old wire transfer phishing scam, where fake emails are sent to accounting supposedly from a company executive, requesting a wire transfer to a provided account. In the updated version cautioned by the IRS, the request is to payroll or human resources requesting a list of employees and their W-2 forms. Many have been fooled by this and other phishing related scams, exposing their companies and now their employees. Divulging employee lists and W-2 information exposes employees’ personal information that can be immediately used in identity theft and other social engineering activities. From a people and process perspective, which is always the place to start, reviewing business processes and training employees about being cautious when clicking on links and transferring sensitive data is a first step as part of a larger security training program. Ensuring that processes and procedures used by your organization promote secure practices is especially...

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