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9th Methbot Suspect Arrested In Massive Clickfraud Ring
24th Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from Naked Security
How Sergey Denisoff described his early ad-buying ventures: buying BS popup traffic and reselling it to buyers demanding BS traffic.
Privacy Watchdog Throws Wider Net To Protect Children Online
24th Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from Naked Security
A new, comprehensive code will compel online services to put childrens health and safety before data-collecting profits.
The American Airlines Flight Attendant Union Is Calling On US Airlines To Step Up Precautions For The Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus
23rd Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has sickened more than 630 people and killed 18. It has spread to at least 8 countries.
Singapore Orders Malaysia Site Blocked Under Online Falsehoods Law
23rd Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
Operated by Malaysia-based Lawyers for Liberty, the website appears to have been blocked in Singapore following a blocking order issued after the human rights group failed to comply with a previous correction directive. The group plans...
Russian Pleads Guilty In Virginia To Large-Scale Card Fraud
23rd Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from SecurityWeek
A Russian national pleaded guilty Thursday to running a website that helped people commit more than $20 million in credit-card fraud. Aleksei Burkov, 29, of St. Petersburg, Russia, entered the plea to charges including fraud and money laundering...
Safaris Intelligent Tracking Prevention Fails To Prevent Tracking
23rd Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from SecurityWeek
The privacy mechanism implemented by Apple’s Safari browser to prevent user tracking across websites is not efficient at protecting users’ privacy, Google security researchers have discovered. read more
Trump To Rally In New Hampshire On Eve Of States Primary
23rd Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
New Hampshire is getting its first campaign rally of the 2020 campaign season from President Donald Trump, and it will be held on the eve of the states first-in-the-nation presidential primary. Trumps Republican reelection campaign on...
FBI Restricts Evidence Collected From Carter Page Surveillance
23rd Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
(Bloomberg) -- The FBI has decided to restrict all information collected from surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page in 2016 and 2017 after serious mistakes were uncovered in court applications for the wiretaps, according...
Some Hackers Take The Ransom And Run: Researchers
23rd Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Paying off hackers after a ransomware infection could end up being a total loss, according to a study released Thursday which finds some attackers just take the money and run. read more
Smugglers Tried To Bring 3,700 Invasive Crabs Through The Port Of Cincinnati
23rd Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
Mitten crabs are a delicacy in Asia and sell for about $50 each in the United States, officials say. They are considered an invasive species.
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