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Poland Pushes For Nazi Camp In Austria To Be Remembered
24th Jan 2020 [2 days ago] from Yahoo News
As the world marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of a swathe of Nazi concentration camps, the hitherto neglected site of the Gusen camp in northern Austria has become a bone of contention, with the Polish government demanding it...
Researchers Earn $280,000 For Hacking Industrial Systems At Pwn2Own Miami
24th Jan 2020 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Researchers who took part this week in the Zero Day Initiative’s Pwn2Own Miami hacking competition have earned a total of $280,000 for exploits targeting industrial control systems (ICS) and associated protocols. read more
Police Are About To Deploy Privacy Destroying Facial Recognition Cameras Across London
24th Jan 2020 [2 days ago] from ZDNet
The capitals Metropolitan Police say the technology will help fight crime - but critics warn that the scheme amounts to oppressive surveillance.
This Simple Malware Still Plagues One In 10 Mac Users
24th Jan 2020 [2 days ago] from ZDNet
This threat might be relatively basic, but it is still a headache for many Mac users.
The Doomsday Clock Just Moved Closer To Midnight Again. Tech Is Getting Some Of The Blame.
24th Jan 2020 [2 days ago] from ZDNet
Information warfare, deep fakes and AI are all adding to the risk of catastrophe, scientists warn.
Citrix Releases New Patches To Plug Critical Server Vulnerability
24th Jan 2020 [2 days ago] from ZDNet
Additional versions of Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway can now be protected against the severe security issue.
Report Alleging Saudi Hack Of Bezos Phone Puzzles Security Experts - The Wall Street Journal
24th Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from Google News
Report Alleging Saudi Hack of Bezos Phone Puzzles Security ExpertsThe Wall Street JournalThe Jeff Bezos phone hack proves anyone can fall victim to cybersecurity attacks. But heres what security experts say you can do to reduce the risk.Business...
Protestors Petition Equity Firm Over .org Buyout
24th Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from Naked Security
The street outside ICAANs offices in Playa Vista, California, is likely a little more crowded than normal.
Owner Of Stolen Data Marketplace Cardplanet Pleads Guilty
24th Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
The trading post was a hotbed of stolen US credit card information.
Intels Ghost Canyon NUC And Compute Element: 10 Questions And Intriguing Facts
24th Jan 2020 [3 days ago] from PCWorld
Intel’s Ghost Canyon NUC and its Compute Element card were two of the most intriguing pieces of hardware shown by the company at CES 2020. They may be tiny, but they represent some big changes to small-form-factor PCs. Here are the key...
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