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Batterygate News: Apple To Warn Users If IOS Updates Throttle IPhones
24th May 2019 [36 hours ago] from Naked Security
Competition regulators investigated Apple due to concerns that people were needlessly repairing or replacing slow phones.
Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic Review: A Neoclassical Clock Radio For The Internet Age
24th May 2019 [36 hours ago] from PCWorld
Easy operation, modern connections, and agreeable sound make the Mondo+ Classic an internet radio even a Luddite can love.
Fitbit Inspire HR Review: One Size, Many Styles, Fit All
24th May 2019 [36 hours ago] from PCWorld
Fitbit has returned to its roots with the Inspire HR, a fitness tracker that nails the basics.
Google Ad Exchange In Data Privacy Probe
24th May 2019 [36 hours ago] from Naked Security
It was triggered by a complaint filed by Dr. Johnny Ryan, CPO of privacy-focused Brave browser, which is fighting Googles search domination.
Equifax Rating Outlook Decimated Over Cybersecurity Breach
24th May 2019 [37 hours ago] from ZDNet
A Moody’s downgrade shows that poor security can have severe financial fallout.
Trump Gives Attorney General William Barr Authority To Declassify Russia Probe Documents
24th May 2019 [39 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Chip Somodevilla / GettyPresident Trump has authorized Attorney General William Barr to declassify any documents he sees fit in his newly launched investigation into the origins of the Russia probe and “intelligence activities” focused...
Pakistan Says Wants Peace With India, Modi Responds After Victory Speech
23rd May 2019 [40 hours ago] from Yahoo News
With official data showing Modis Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on course to increase its majority in Indias parliament, Pakistani premier Imran Khan said he was ready to cooperate with the government as it resumed office....
Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Loses His Home Seat In Humiliating Election Defeat
23rd May 2019 [41 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The Indian National Congress Party went from understated optimism to shellshocked defeat within the space of a few hours on Thursday as Narendra Modi and his party celebrated another landslide victory. For the Congress leader, Rahul...
The New Assange Indictment Endangers Journalism
23rd May 2019 [41 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The original indictment charged Assange with computer hacking on the novel theory that he coached Private Chelsea Manning on how to crack passwords on Department of Defense computers that stored the reams of secret diplomatic cables Wikileaks...
Trump Says Dangerous Huawei Could Be Included In U.S.-China Trade Deal
23rd May 2019 [42 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Washington last week effectively banned U.S. firms from doing business with Huawei, the worlds largest telecoms network gear maker, citing national security concerns. "You look at what theyve done from a security standpoint, from a military...
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