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Australian Man Fights Off Deadly Snake That Attacked Him In His Car While He Drove Down The Highway
7th Jul 2020 [42 hours ago] from Yahoo News
A man Queensland police identified as Jimmy was driving down the highway in Calliope, Australia, on June 15 when he saw a snake at his feet.
Cerberus Banking Trojan Delivered Via App Hosted On Google Play
7th Jul 2020 [42 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
A harmless-looking currency converter application downloaded by more than 10,000 users from Google Play was designed to deliver the Cerberus banking Trojan. read more
Facebook, Google Suspend Processing Hong Kong Government Data Requests
7th Jul 2020 [43 hours ago] from iTnews
As Signal sees surge in sign-ups.
Citrix Limits Technical Info On Vulnerabilities And Patches After Exploits
7th Jul 2020 [43 hours ago] from iTnews
Fears reverse engineering.
As COVID-19 Makes A Comeback, So Will Lockdowns
7th Jul 2020 [43 hours ago] from Yahoo News
With more tests coming back positive now than ever before — and with infections currently rising in 39 states — lockdowns in some form may be the only way to regain control over the coronavirus.
Feds Unseal 2018 Indictment Charging Kazakh Man In Hacks
7th Jul 2020 [43 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Two weeks after a cyber-security firm released the identity of an alleged hacker from Kazakhstan, federal authorities in Seattle on Tuesday unsealed a 2018 indictment charging the man with an array of computer crimes. read more
NSW-Victoria Border Permit Site Stalls As COVID-19 Lockout Deadline Ends
7th Jul 2020 [45 hours ago] from ZDNet
In the interim, travellers will need to demonstrate their eligibility to cross the border to police, a Service NSW spokesperson has said.
New Law Would Require NYPD Police To Take Out Individual Insurance To Cover Misconduct Claims
7th Jul 2020 [45 hours ago] from Yahoo News
A new bill introduced by a US lawmaker would require police officers to take out personal liability insurance to cover civil lawsuits filed against them for misconduct, reports have said.The new law, introduced by Senator Alessandra Biaggi,...
Mom Kidnaps Daughter And Flies To Mexico To Give Russia US Defense Secrets, Feds Say
7th Jul 2020 [45 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The woman was trying to make contact with Russian government officials “to request resettlement in a country that would not extradite her to the United States,” prosecutors said.
Shopped Recently From A Small Online Store? Check This List To See If It Was One Of 570 Websites Infected With Card-skimming Magecart
7th Jul 2020 [46 hours ago] from The Register
Finders Keepers The payment-card-skimming Magecart malware has turned up on yet more websites, this time 570 spanning 55 countries, it emerged this week.…
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