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Fortnite On Google Play: Is A 30% Cut Worth The Security Benefits?
9th Dec 2019 [17 hours ago] from ZDNet
Opinion: Google says there are no exceptions. Should Epic Games bite the bullet?
Cyberhaven Raises $13 Million In Series A Funding
9th Dec 2019 [17 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Data Behavior Analytics (DaBA) provider Cyberhaven last week revealed it secured $13 million in Series A funding amid the launch of its DaBA solution. read more
Bayrob Malware Operators Get Lengthy Prison Sentences
9th Dec 2019 [17 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Two Romanian nationals have been sentenced to prison in the United States for their roles in a multi-million dollar online fraud operation. read more
Networking Attack Gives Hijackers VPN Access
9th Dec 2019 [17 hours ago] from Naked Security
Researchers have discovered a flaw in macOS, Linux, and several other operating systems that could let attackers hijack VPN connections.
HackerOne Pays $20,000 Bounty After Breach Of Own Systems
9th Dec 2019 [18 hours ago] from Naked Security
In an embarrassing twist, bug bounty platform HackerOne has paid a $20,000 reward to a researcher who reported a security flaw inadvertently caused by one of its staff during… a bug submission.
Facebook Suing ILikeAd For Hijacking Users’ Ad Accounts
9th Dec 2019 [18 hours ago] from Naked Security
Facebook says the company used celeb bait links to infect victims with malware and hijacked their ad accounts to sell diet pills.
DOJ Inspector General Will Unveil A Major Report Today On The FBIs Handling Of The Russia Probe. Here’s What You Need To Know.
9th Dec 2019 [18 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The DOJs inspector general will release a report Monday that is expected to shed light on whether the FBI improperly spied on the Trump campaign.
Nairobi Governor Pleads Not Guilty To Graft Charges
9th Dec 2019 [18 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Nairobis governor pleaded not guilty to corruption and other economic crimes involving millions of dollars in a Kenyan court on Monday. Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko was arrested on Friday and is accused of conspiracy to commit corruption,...
Razer Kraken Ultimate Review: Tournament Edition Features With Consumer Polish
9th Dec 2019 [18 hours ago] from PCWorld
The Razer Kraken Ultimate is not new, but “new.” What I mean is, Razer’s latest flagship headset is a sizable upgrade over 2016’s Razer Kraken V2, the last proper iteration of the Kraken line. But the Kraken Ultimate’s tentpole...
Emoluments: Trumps Profits From Private Businesses To Get Hard Look From Federal Appeals Courts
9th Dec 2019 [18 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Even as impeachment dominates Congress and the Supreme Court looks into his tax returns, Trumps real estate holdings will get a hard look this week.
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