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Life After QAnon: Trumps Loss Allows Some To Escape Conspiracy Cults Grip
12th Nov 2020 [11 days ago] from Yahoo News
Once confined to the fringes of the internet, the QAnon conspiracy theory has since metastasized into something much bigger and harder to define, reaching its tentacles into various communities online and wreaking havoc on people’s lives...
Researchers Simulate Privacy Leaks In Functional Genomics Studies
12th Nov 2020 [11 days ago] from ScienceDaily
Researchers demonstrate that its possible to de-identify raw functional genomics data to ensure patient privacy. They also demonstrate how these raw data could be linked back to specific individuals through their gene variants by something...
Its Reportedly A Bad Idea To Even Mention The Name Biden Near Certain Administration Officials
12th Nov 2020 [11 days ago] from Yahoo News
Privately, National Security Adviser Robert OBrien is open about President Trump losing the election and the need to start a transition with President-elect Joe Biden, one official told The Daily Beast, but he wont say anything about the...
Kids Gaming Website Animal Jam Breached After Miscreants Spot Private AWS Key On Pwned Slack Channel
12th Nov 2020 [12 days ago] from The Register
Tens of millions of usernames and passwords go walkies amid claims of decryption Child-friendly games website Animal Jam suffered a hack that exposed 46 million user records after a staff Slack channel was compromised by malicious people...
Trump Allies Are Hyping A Desperate, Improbable Plan To Replace The Electoral College With Loyalists Who Will Ignore Voters And Hand Trump A...
12th Nov 2020 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
Trump allies are circulating a wild plan to overturn the election result, but it faces near-impossible legal, political and constitutional obstacles.
Trump Is Telling Allies He Will Run Again For President In 2024 And Could Announce It Before The New Year
12th Nov 2020 [12 days ago] from Yahoo News
President Donald Trumps endorsement of Ronna McDaniel to continue as Republican National Committee chair is said to be a sign he plans to run again.
S3 Ep6: How Not To Get Scammed [Podcast]
12th Nov 2020 [12 days ago] from Naked Security
New episode - listen now!
The Term Threat Intelligence Is Poisoned. It Does Not Mean What You Think It Means.
12th Nov 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
I’m guessing the creators of the movie The Princess Bride had no idea that Inigo Montoya’s quote – You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. – would be widely quoted for years to come. It captures...
Trump Administration Says Still Searching For TikTok Resolution
12th Nov 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
President Donald Trumps administration said Wednesday it was still working to resolve its security concerns over Chinese-owned app TikTok after the firm sought to delay a deadline to sell its US operations. read more
UK Conservative Party Used 10 Million Peoples Names To Derive Their Country Of Origin, Ethnicity And Religion According To ICO Report
12th Nov 2020 [12 days ago] from The Register
Bought estimated onomastic data that was amended to millions of Brit voters The UKs ruling Conservative has been using personal data in a way that spots an individuals likely county of origin, ethnic origin and religion based on their first...
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