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Iran Ready For More Prisoner Swaps With US, Not Negotiations
9th Dec 2019 [14 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Iran is ready for more prisoner swaps with the United States, the Cabinet spokesman said Monday even as he reiterated the Iranian leaderships stance that there will be no other negotiations between Tehran and Washington. The remarks by...
Sexism Isn’t Why Warren Is Falling
9th Dec 2019 [14 hours ago] from Yahoo News
In early October, Elizabeth Warren hit her stride. Her stock in the Democratic primary had been climbing steadily since midsummer, and as Joe Biden continued to lag, the Massachusetts senator became the first presidential hopeful to overtake...
Twin 4-year-old Girls Escape Car Crash That Killed Their Father, Climb 200 Feet To Road
9th Dec 2019 [14 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The twins unbuckled their booster seats, extricated themselves from the wreckage and climbed 200 feet up an embankment back to the main road.
Metasploit For Drones? Best Of Luck With That, Muses Veteran Tinkerer
9th Dec 2019 [14 hours ago] from The Register
Been down this path and it aint that easy, says man who knows Black Hat Europe  A veteran drone hacker reckons the recent release of the Dronesploit framework wont go down quite as its inventors hope.…
Flashy Nairobi Governor Pleads Not Guilty To Graft Charges
9th Dec 2019 [14 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The flashy governor of Nairobi on Monday pleaded not guilty to over 30 charges of money laundering, receiving bribes and conflict of interest in a court appearance held under tight security. Governor Mike , the latest top official to be...
Fortnite On Google Play: Is A 30% Cut Worth The Security Benefits?
9th Dec 2019 [15 hours ago] from ZDNet
Opinion: Google says there are no exceptions. Should Epic Games bite the bullet?
Cyberhaven Raises $13 Million In Series A Funding
9th Dec 2019 [15 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Data Behavior Analytics (DaBA) provider Cyberhaven last week revealed it secured $13 million in Series A funding amid the launch of its DaBA solution. read more
Bayrob Malware Operators Get Lengthy Prison Sentences
9th Dec 2019 [15 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Two Romanian nationals have been sentenced to prison in the United States for their roles in a multi-million dollar online fraud operation. read more
Networking Attack Gives Hijackers VPN Access
9th Dec 2019 [15 hours ago] from Naked Security
Researchers have discovered a flaw in macOS, Linux, and several other operating systems that could let attackers hijack VPN connections.
HackerOne Pays $20,000 Bounty After Breach Of Own Systems
9th Dec 2019 [15 hours ago] from Naked Security
In an embarrassing twist, bug bounty platform HackerOne has paid a $20,000 reward to a researcher who reported a security flaw inadvertently caused by one of its staff during… a bug submission.
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