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Microsoft Sues Coronavirus Phishing Spammers To Seize Their Domains Amid Web App Attacks Against Office 265
8th Jul 2020 [23 hours ago] from The Register
A very busy six months for Redmonds Digital Crimes Unit Microsoft has taken legal action to seize web domains being used to launch coronavirus-themed phishing attacks.…
Microsoft Teams Adds Together Mode In Massive Update
8th Jul 2020 [24 hours ago] from PCWorld
Microsoft today said that it’s shaking up online Teams video meetings with a new “Together mode” that places participants in a virtual auditorium. It’s all part of a redesigned Teams experience that capitalizes on some of the promises...
Google Patches Critical Android Vulnerabilities With July 2020 Updates
8th Jul 2020 [27 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Several critical remote code execution vulnerabilities were addressed in Android this week with the release of the July 2020 set of security patches, including three in the media framework and system components. read more
White House Pushes Schools To Open Their Doors On Schedule
8th Jul 2020 [27 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The Trump administration deployed some of its top officials — including both the president and vice president — to press school districts to reopen on their regular schedules for in-person instruction.
Over 5 Billion Unique Credentials Offered On Cybercrime Marketplaces
8th Jul 2020 [27 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
More than 15 billion username and password pairs have been offered on cybercrime marketplaces, including over 5 billion unique credentials, according to a report published on Wednesday by San Francisco-based risk protection solutions provider...
Huawei Urges UK Not To Rush Into 5G Decision
8th Jul 2020 [27 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Chinese telecoms giant Huawei urged Britain on Wednesday not to rush into taking any costly decision to phase out its equipment from the UKs 5G network because of US sanctions. read more
One Surefire Way To Get The Bosss Attention On Network Security Is To Get Hacked. But There Must Be A Better Way?
8th Jul 2020 [28 hours ago] from The Register
And there is – check out our latest survey findings Reader survey  With anyone who can work from home actually doing so during the pandemic, networking – and therefore network security – has become more business-critical than it...
Google Open-sources Tsunami Vulnerability Scanner
8th Jul 2020 [28 hours ago] from ZDNet
Google says Tsunami is an extensible network scanner for detecting high-severity vulnerabilities with as little false-positives as possible.
Criminals Auction Off Stolen Domain Admin Credentials For Up To £95k. Your Bank Account Details? Barely Get £50
8th Jul 2020 [28 hours ago] from The Register
Dark web dwellers can pick and choose from billions - billions - of logins Stolen domain admin login credentials can be resold by dark web criminals for up to £95,000 and a total of 15 billion purloined credentials are traded on illicit...
Billions Of Passwords Now Available On Underground Forums, Say Security Researchers
8th Jul 2020 [29 hours ago] from ZDNet
Usernames and passwords for everything from network administrator accounts and bank details to streaming services and anti-virus software are up for grabs on the dark web - and many are being distributed for free.
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