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CES 2018: Where Are They Now? - CNET
12th Dec 2018 [9 hours ago] from CNET News
These products wowed us at CES 2018. But now that the year is nearly over, how did these devices actually pan out?
Lenovo Staff Loses Company-issued Laptop... And Colleagues Data - CNET
12th Dec 2018 [9 hours ago] from CNET News
Their names, salary figures and bank account numbers are now at risk.
Phones Are Selling Location Data From “trusted” Apps
12th Dec 2018 [9 hours ago] from Naked Security
Data brokers are tracking 200 million mobile devices in the US, updating locations up to 14,000 times a day, the New York Times has found.
Is Windows 10 Still Telling Microsoft What Youre Doing Even If You Dont Want It To?
12th Dec 2018 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
Microsoft baffles Windows 10 users by apparently collecting data about recently opened websites and apps when users have opted against sharing that information.
Former Mt. Gox CEO Could Face 10 Years Behind Bars In Embezzlement Case
12th Dec 2018 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
Prosecutors are gunning for a lengthy prison sentence. Mark Karpeles has denied stealing investor funds.
Global Hacking Campaign Takes Aim At Finance, Defence And Energy Companies
12th Dec 2018 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
Targets around the world are in the sights of a cyber espionage operation, which could have links to North Korea.
Razer Phone 2 Review: Still The Best Gaming Phone
12th Dec 2018 [9 hours ago] from PCWorld
The Razer Phone 2 is a gaming powerhouse. Under the hood it’s running the latest hardware, features a giant battery, and offers a viewing/listening experience that is unmatched—on top of a near-stock version of Android. But in Razer’s...
Sapphire Gearbox Review: This Affordable External GPU Dock Offers Handy Expansion Options
12th Dec 2018 [10 hours ago] from PCWorld
Gaming isn’t restricted to big, bulky PCs anymore. The rise of USB-C and Thunderbolt 3’s blisteringly fast data transfer speeds can now transform ultraportable laptops and diminutive desktop systems into full-blown gaming rigs when...
Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable Review: Listen To Your Vinyl Collection And Digitize It, Too
12th Dec 2018 [10 hours ago] from PCWorld
Vinyl records are making a major comeback, but digital recordings are better suited to mobile pursuits. Audio-Technicas USB turntable gives you the best of both worlds.
Ring Vs Nest: Choosing A DIY Home Security System Is A Bigger Decision Than You Might Think
12th Dec 2018 [10 hours ago] from PCWorld
Your decision isnt between two products, its between two entire ecosystems.
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