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Albanian Gangs Take Up Cryptocurrencies: We Need A New Approach Say Police
18th Sep 2019 [31 hours ago] from ZDNet
Balkan organized crime groups in the UK are using fintech for money-laundering schemes.
Teenage Gamer Jailed Over Lethal Swatting
18th Sep 2019 [31 hours ago] from Naked Security
Casey Viner got into a spat over a $1.50 wager in a Call of Duty World War II game that led to the fatal shooting of an innocent man.
Supply Chain Likely Target In Attacks By Tortoiseshell Group On Saudi IT Firms
18th Sep 2019 [31 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
A previously undocumented attack group, given the name the Tortoiseshell Group, is targeting middle eastern IT firms in an apparent supply chain move against their customers. Researchers at Symantec have discovered 11 IT firms, mostly in...
Michelle Malkin Smears Cokie Roberts On The Day Of Her Death: ‘One Of The First Guilty Culprits Of Fake News’
18th Sep 2019 [31 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Charley Gallay/Getty for International Innovators of Justice/American Justice AllianceHours after the world learned that journalist Cokie Roberts had passed away following complications from breast cancer, right-wing provocateur Michelle...
Irans Rouhani Says Yemenis Attacked Saudi Oil Sites As Warning
18th Sep 2019 [31 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Irans President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday Yemenis targeted Saudi oil facilities as a "warning" about a possible wider war in response to the kingdoms US-backed intervention in their conflict-ravaged country. "Learn lessons from this...
How To Break Out Of A Hypervisor: Abuse Qemu-KVM On-Linux Pre-5.3 – Or VMware With An AMD Driver
18th Sep 2019 [31 hours ago] from The Register
Pair of bug reports show how VM escapes put servers at risk A pair of newly disclosed security flaws could allow malicious virtual machine guests to break out of their hypervisors walled gardens and execute malicious code on the host...
Cybersecurity: New Hacking Group Targets IT Companies In First Stage Of Supply Chain Attacks
18th Sep 2019 [31 hours ago] from ZDNet
Tortoiseshell hacking group is identified by a custom form of malware, say researchs - and new the campaign isnt currently thought to be linked to any other cyber operations.
Smart Beat Video Baby Monitor Review: This Breath-detecting Baby Monitor Should Put Parents At Ease
18th Sep 2019 [32 hours ago] from PCWorld
This video baby monitor can also track your childs breathing and will alert you if his or her respiration pattern changes.
Your Ugly Mug May Be Scanned Yet Again – But At Least Youll Be Able To Board Faster At Gatwick
18th Sep 2019 [32 hours ago] from The Register
Brit airport to extend facial recog after easyJet trial Gatwick Airport will extend its use of facial recognition to match passengers to their passports at departure gates before they board planes.…
Blaming Shelters And Street Sleeping, Donald Trump Blasts California For Homeless Crisis
18th Sep 2019 [32 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Donald Trump hands out a conservative prescription to remedy homelessness, blaming shelters and calling for cities to ban sleeping on streets.
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