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Saudi Gunman Tweeted Against US Before Naval Base Shooting
8th Dec 2019 [28 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The Saudi gunman who killed three people at the Pensacola naval base had apparently gone on Twitter shortly before the shooting to blast U.S. support of Israel and accuse America of being anti-Muslim, a U.S. official said Sunday as the...
Ukrainians Are Sick Of Trump, Impeachment And Being Talked About
8th Dec 2019 [28 hours ago] from Yahoo News
(Bloomberg) -- Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy is getting used to being peppered with questions about Donald Trump.At a briefing during a recent tour of the Baltic region, he interrupted an interpreter relaying a question from a reporter.“Even...
Mark Meadows Claims Trump Did Not Ask Ukraine To Investigate Rivals
8th Dec 2019 [28 hours ago] from Yahoo News
“I think probably the biggest thing is, this president has gone through so much,” he tells Dana Bash.
Democrats Zoom In On Trump Impeachment Charges This Week
8th Dec 2019 [29 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Democratic lawmakers could vote this week on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, the House Judiciary Committee chairman said on Sunday as lawmakers sharpened their focus on charges of wrongdoing in his dealings with...
2020 Is When Cybersecurity Gets Even Weirder, So Get Ready
8th Dec 2019 [29 hours ago] from ZDNet
AI-powered deepfakes, ransomware, IoT, and 5G all mean that protecting your data is about to get a lot harder.
After Pensacola Attack, Pentagon To Review Screening Of Foreign Officers Who Train At U.S. Bases
8th Dec 2019 [30 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Following a suspected terror attack at a Florida Navy base, the Pentagon said it will review the vetting process for foreign officers who train in the U.S.
Tesla Is Revamping Its Relationship With Owners Of The Original Roadster. Heres A Closer Look At Teslas First Car.
8th Dec 2019 [31 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The original Roadster is perhaps the most important car in the history of electric vehicles. It was produced from 2008-2012.
5-Year-Old Carried A Toddler Through Minus 31-Degree Weather After Left Alone In Alaska Home
8th Dec 2019 [31 hours ago] from Yahoo News
The children, who were dressed just in socks and light clothing, both received cold-related injuries
TV Reporter Smacked On Bottom During Live Broadcast: ‘You Violated, Objectified And Embarrassed Me’
8th Dec 2019 [31 hours ago] from Yahoo News
A TV reporter said she was left “violated” and “embarrassed” after being smacked on the bottom during a live broadcast.Alex Bozarjian, of WSAV News, was reporting roadside from a 10km race in Savannah, Georgia, when a male participant...
Whistleblower Goes Public After Leaked Documents Reveal Chinas Crackdown On Uighur Muslims
8th Dec 2019 [31 hours ago] from Yahoo News
A Uighur woman living in the Netherlands has gone public about helping to leak secret Chinese government documents regarding human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang province because of fears for her safety. Asiye Abdulaheb told Dutch...
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