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Soon, Your Brain Will Be Connected To A Computer. Can We Stop Hackers Breaking In?
4th Aug 2020 [7 hours ago] from ZDNet
As the development of brain-computer interface technology speeds up, are security and privacy getting left behind?
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Preview: Bigger And Better Than Ever With A Price To Match
4th Aug 2020 [7 hours ago] from PCWorld
There may not be a big stage performance and larger-than-life video screens, but Samsung on Wednesday will announce the latest member of its premium smartphone lineup: the Galaxy Note 20.Samsung’s second flagship of the year is traditionally...
Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Mop/hybrid Review: This Automoated Cleaner Delivers Advanced Features At A Budget Price
4th Aug 2020 [8 hours ago] from PCWorld
The top of a new line of robot vacuums impresses with mapping, voice control, and excellent cleaning performance.
The Outrageously Fun Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Could Be Gamings Next Megahit
4th Aug 2020 [8 hours ago] from PCWorld
I dig PUBG. My kids are into Roblox and Minecraft. We’re all wildly in love with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout after playing a closed technical beta this past weekend. Turns out that a cute, colorful battle royale party game is exactly...
Isaias Regains Hurricane Strength And Makes Landfall In North Carolina Monday Night As A Category 1 Storm
4th Aug 2020 [8 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Tropical Storm Isaias is expected to become a hurricane again as it prepares to make landfall in South Carolina.
Squad Member Tlaib Faces Test In Michigan Primary
4th Aug 2020 [8 hours ago] from Yahoo News
LANSING, Mich. (AP) — “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib is trying to fend off a serious challenge for her House seat in Michigans primary on Tuesday, in a rematch with the woman she narrowly defeated two years ago. Tlaib, one of the first...
Pelosi Reportedly Told House Democrats That Congress Likely Wont Come To An Agreement On Another Pandemic Relief Bill Until Next Week
4th Aug 2020 [10 hours ago] from Yahoo News
House Democrats and Senate Republicans have been at a standstill in ongoing negotiations over another coronavirus stimulus bill to support Americans.
Cyber Insurance: The Moral Quandary Of Paying Criminals Who Stole Your Data
4th Aug 2020 [11 hours ago] from ZDNet
Australias Emergence Insurance might still be in the startup phase, but its already helped clients pay hefty ransomware invoices to get everything back.
Doctor, Doctor, Got Some Sad News, Theres Been A Bad Case Of Hacking You: UK Govt Investigates Email Fail
3rd Aug 2020 [11 hours ago] from The Register
Former trade minister Dr. Liam Fox named as source of leaked trade docs Former UK trade minister and current Conservative MP Dr. Liam Fox has been named as the source of hacked trade documents released during last years British...
Trump Rages That Hes Lost Nevada Already – After State Decides To Automatically Send Out Mail-in Ballots
3rd Aug 2020 [12 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Donald Trump has threatened to sue the state of Nevada for what he calls an illegal late night coup in which the state government determined it would mail out ballots for the 2020 US election to all of its residents.The president tweeted...
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