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The Dismal Nature Of Cybersecurity (and Other RSA Conference Notes)
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from ZDNet
RSA Conference get larger every year -- the cybersecurity industry is booming, and so is cybercrime. Theres a disconnect here.
Chinese Hacking Group Backdoors Products From Three Asian Gaming Companies
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from ZDNet
ESET suspects that tens or hundreds of thousands of users have been infected already.
Wonder Woman To The Rescue: Gal Gadot Takes On Netanyahu
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from Yahoo News
JERUSALEM (AP) — Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has come to the rescue of a fellow Israeli celebrity in a spat with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Ethiopian Airlines Crash: Black Box Found As More British Victims Are Identified
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from Yahoo News
The seven British and one Irish victims China grounds Boeing 737 Max-8 jets The black box from the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane has been recovered, the countrys state-affiliated broadcaster reported.  One Irishman and seven Britons...
Malaysia Frees Indonesian Woman Accused Of Kim Jong Nams Poisoning
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from Yahoo News
As the court announced its decision, Siti Aisyah, 26, turned to her Vietnamese co-defendant, Doan Thi Huong, 30, in the dock and the two women, who had been facing the death penalty together, embraced in tears. Following the dramatic decision...
Equifax Was Aware Of Cybersecurity Weaknesses For Years, Senate Report Says
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from SecurityWeek
The massive Equifax data breach that impacted 148 million Americans in 2017 was the result of years of poor cybersecurity practices, a new Staff Report from the United States Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations reveals. read...
NASAs Crap Infosec Could Be Significant Threat To Space Ops
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from The Register
Inspectors not happy with stagnant security practices NASAs Office of the Inspector General has once again concluded the American space agencys tech security practices are "not consistently implemented".…
GIF Attack On Facebook Messenger Earned Hacker $10,000
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from SecurityWeek
A white hat hacker earned $10,000 from Facebook last year for finding a Messenger vulnerability that apparently could have been exploited to randomly obtain other users’ images. read more
Research Firm Offers $3 Million For IOS, Android 0-Days
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Vulnerability research firm Crowdfense has launched a new 0-day acquisition program and is promising payouts of up to $3 million for full-chain, previously unreported exploits. read more
Hapless Engineers Leave UK Cable Landing Station Gate Open, Couple Of Journos Waltz Right In
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from The Register
Infosec skills are useful. But so are locked doors Journalists were able to bimble into a UK cable landing station almost completely unchallenged after security gates were left open and unlocked.…
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