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Stick A Fork In SGX, Its Done: Intels Cloud-server Security Defeated By $30 Chip And Electrical Shenanigans
14th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from The Register
VoltPillager breaks enclave confidentiality, calling rogue data-center operator promises into question Boffins at the University of Birmingham in the UK have developed yet another way to compromise the confidentiality of Intels Software...
Texas Senator Suggests Its Too Soon To Declare Biden The Winner Because Puerto Rico Is Still Counting Votes
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
The Senate Republicans who have not conceded publicly that President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 election argue that President Trump has the right to challenge the results in court, or point out that the vote totals havent been certified...
Teen Facing Death Penalty After Being Accused Of Murdering Five Relatives Has Shown ‘no Remorse’
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
‘He has not shown any sign of remorse. While in detention, he has not talked about his family at all,’ probation officer says
20 Million Americans Will Get A COVID Vaccine This Year, Administration Says
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
The Trump administration promised that 20 million Americans would receive a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year.
It Just Got Harder For Immigrants: The U.S. Naturalization Test Is About To Change
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
U.S. legal permanent residents who apply for citizenship through naturalization on or after Dec. 1, 2020, will face a more challenging test — in which immigrants must prove they can read, write and speak basic English, and have essential...
Obama Says Republicans Clearly Know Better, But Are Humoring Trump About Voter Fraud
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
Former President Barack Obama took aim at Republicans who have been “humoring” President Trump’s bogus claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election.
Michigan Judge Says Cheating Claims Based On Ignorance Of How Elections Work
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
A Michigan judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit alleging cheating during the Nov. 3 election, agreeing with Detroit that most claims were made by individuals who did not understand the vote-counting processes.
The Long Knives Are Out: The Pentagon Purge May Be Less About A Trump Plan Than End-of-presidency Chaos And Revenge
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
A series of personnel changes placing Trump loyalists in key Defense Department positions has sparked rumors of plans for dramatic action in the waning days of his presidency, but a number of former national security officials see it more...
A Biden COVID-19 Advisor Suggested A National Lockdown Lasting Up To 6 Weeks, But Said The Idea Was Unlikely To Gain Support
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
On Thursday Michael Osterholm told ABC News that he had not discussed this idea with others and added he did not believe it would gain support.
Rand Paul Says Coronavirus Survivors Should ‘throw Away Their Masks’ While Falsely Claiming They’re Immune
13th Nov 2020 [10 days ago] from Yahoo News
There is no evidence to indicate coronavirus survivors are immune to the disease caused by the novel virus
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