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The Latest: Khamenei Says Iran Wont Budge Over US Sanctions
26th Jun 2019 [7 hours ago] from Yahoo News
Irans supreme leader says Iranians will not budge or change their stance following the new U.S. sanctions targeting Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his associates. The top Iranian clerics website on Wednesday quoted Khamenei as calling the...
Malicious Microsoft Word Docs Warning: Think Before You Click On Unexpected Emails
26th Jun 2019 [8 hours ago] from ZDNet
Does that unexpected Word document contain a nasty surprise?
AWS Launches Mirroring Feature For Inspecting Network Traffic
26th Jun 2019 [8 hours ago] from SecurityWeek
Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday announced the launch of VPC Traffic Mirroring, a new feature that allows users to capture and inspect network traffic from their Amazon EC2 instances. read more
Wipro Wasnt A One-off: Same Hacking Crew Targeted Scores Of Firms, Big And Small – Researchers
26th Jun 2019 [8 hours ago] from The Register
Thanks in large part to a counter-phishing product. Doh! The criminals behind the Wipro phishing attack from earlier this year also targeted Western Union, Expedia, Rackspace and a whole host of other big companies, according to threat...
Raspberry Pi Users: You Got Pi 4, Now New Raspbian Takes Windows 10, IOS Design Cues
26th Jun 2019 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
New Raspberry Pi OS Raspbian is out, based on Linux Debian Buster, with a revamped user interface and improved security.
Heres How I Survived A SIM Swap Attack - And How My Mobile Carrier Failed Me
26th Jun 2019 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
After a crazy week where T-Mobile handed over my phone number to a hacker twice, I now have my T-Mobile, Google, and Twitter accounts back under my control. However, the weak link in this situation remains and Im wary of what could happen...
Use Gmail At Work? Now You Get Security Sandbox To Fight 0-day Threats, Ransomware
26th Jun 2019 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
G Suite gains more phishing protections, including security sandbox and confidential mode self-destructing email.
Remote Code Execution Bug Lurked In BlueStacks Android Emulator
26th Jun 2019 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
Vulnerable code allowed BlueStack’s IPC mechanism to be tampered with, with severe consequences.
This Phishing Campaign Uses An Odd Tactic To Infect Windows PCs With Two Forms Of Trojan Malware
26th Jun 2019 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
New campaign attempting to deliver LokiBot and Nanocore spun up in April - and it tries to compromise victims with an unusual attachment.
McAfee Sues Former Sales Team Over Alleged Leak Of Trade Secrets To Rival Firm
26th Jun 2019 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
The staff members at the heart of the case moved over to a competitor, Tanium.
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