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ROOTS 2017 - Paying The Price For Disruption: A FinTech Allowed Account Takeover
4th Jan 2018 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
In this paper, we look at N26, a pan-European banking startup and the poster child for young FinTechs, to see how security is treated by startups that provide disruptive technologies in the financial sector. We find out that, in an area...
ROOTS 2017 - A Survey On Automated Dynamic Malware Analysis Evasion And Counter-Evasion: PC, Mobile, And Web
4th Jan 2018 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
Automated dynamic malware analysis systems are important in combating the proliferation of modern malware. Unfortunately, malware can often easily detect and evade these systems. Competition between malware authors and analysis system developers...
ROOTS 2017 - Enhancing Control Flow Graph Based Binary Function Identification
4th Jan 2018 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
Detection of binary functions in compiled code is a major stepping stone towards any advanced binary analysis technique. Nucleus [1] is a novel algorithm based on the idea of using the interprocedural control flow graph to detect function...
ROOTS 2017 - On The (In-)Security Of JavaScript Object Signing And Encryption
4th Jan 2018 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) has evolved to the de-facto standard file format in the web used for application configuration, cross- and same-origin data exchange, as well as in Single Sign-On (SSO) protocols such as OpenID Connect....
ROOTS 2017 - Out-Of-Order Execution As A Cross-VM Side Channel And Other Applications
4th Jan 2018 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
Given the rise in popularity of cloud computing and platform-as-a-service, vulnerabilities, inherent to systems which share hardware resources, will become increasingly attractive targets to malicious software authors. In this paper, we...
The Hak5 Annual Blooper Reel! - Hak5 2316
27th Dec 2017 [2 years ago] from Hak5
Celebrate another year of craziness with us by checking out some of our favorite bloopers from 2017! Happy New Year and we’ll see ya next week! ——————————-Shop: http://www.hakshop.com Support: http://www.patreon.com/threatwire Subscribe:...
The State Of Linux Security In 2017
22nd Dec 2017 [2 years ago] from ToolsWatch
Source: https://linux-audit.com/the-state-of-linux-security-2017/ The year is closing, so it is time to review Linux security. Like last year, we look at the state of Linux security. A collection of...[[ This is a content summary only....
3D Printer Filaments Explained - Hak5 2315
21st Dec 2017 [2 years ago] from Hak5
Join Shannon Morse and David Randolph to discuss 3D printer filaments and how to shop for the best ones.Special thanks to David from https://printedsolid.com/  for guest hosting this episode! ——————————-Shop: http://www.hakshop.com Support:...
Hacking PIN Codes With A 3D Printer - Hak5 2314
17th Dec 2017 [2 years ago] from Hak5
In this very serious episode of Hak5, we learn how to hack PIN codes with a 3D printer by editing code for the 3D printer axis! Special thanks to David Randolph for joining us on this episode! - https://www.printedsolid.com  ——————————-Shop:...
Remotely Control A 3d Printer With Octoprint - Hak5 2313
16th Dec 2017 [2 years ago] from Hak5
Today on Hak5, David Randolph of http://www.printedsolid.com  teaches us how to use Octoprint and Raspberry Pi’s to remotely run print jobs on your 3d Printer! http://octoprint.org/  ——————————-Shop: http://www.hakshop.com Support:...
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