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Global Deep Scans - Measuring Vulnerability Levels Across Organizations, Industries, And Countries
31st Jan 2019 [one year ago] from DeepSec
We introduce global deep scans that provide insights into the security hygiene of all organizations exposed to the Internet. Our presentation discusses vulnerability levels across different groups of organizations and points out differences...
Everything Is Connected: How To Hack Bank Account Using Instagram
31st Jan 2019 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Attacks on IVR systems and call centers of bank are interesting and funny, but sometimes they are not so effective. Usually hacker should know some users information for authorization. So, hacker can gain access to private information...
Without A Trace – Cybercrime, Who Are The Offenders?
2nd Jan 2019 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Cybercrime is a worldwide and diverse phenomenon, which needs multidisciplinary and global prevention and intervention strategies. Regarding the situation in Austria, no evidence-based scientific analysis exists that depicts the bright...
Who Watches The Watcher? Detecting Hypervisor Introspection From Unprivileged Guests
2nd Jan 2019 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Over the last decade we have seen a rapid rise in virtualization-based tools in which a hypervisor is used to gain insight into the runtime execution of a system. With these advances in introspection techniques, it is no longer a question...
Uncovering Vulnerabilities In Secure Coding Guidelines
2nd Jan 2019 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Several government-related and private organizations provide guidance on how to improve the security of existing software as well as best practices for developing new code. These organizations include the Computer Emergency Readiness Team...
Suricata And XDP, Performance With An S Like Security
2nd Jan 2019 [one year ago] from DeepSec
extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) and eXtreme Data Path (XDP) technologies are gaining in popularity in the tracing and performance community in Linux for eBPF and among the networking people for XDP. After an introduction to these...
2nd Jan 2019 [one year ago] from DeepSec
SS7 is to the PSTN what BGP is for the Internet. In this presentation Paul will explain the fundamentals of the SS7 protocol and telecommunications architecture. An overview of how SS7 is utilized by large enterprises, mobile networks and...
Security As A Community Healthcare: Helping Small Non-Profit Organisations Stay Secure
2nd Jan 2019 [one year ago] from DeepSec
This talk will look at the way Privacy International has relied on its experience from working with a network of small NGOs across the Global South to shape its approach to security and develop Thornsec, an automated way to deploy, test,...
25th Dec 2018 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Androids accessibility API was designed to assist users with disabilities, or temporarily preoccupied users unable to interact with a device, e.g., while driving a car. Nowadays, many Android apps rely on the accessibility API for other...
Efail And Other Failures With Encryption And E-Mail
21st Dec 2018 [one year ago] from DeepSec
The Efail bug against encrypted e-mails showed a variety of problems with the interaction of outdated cryptography and HTML e-mails. This talk will give an overview of the flaws that led to Efail and some other fun attacks that followed...
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