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DeepSec2019 Opening
17th Mar 2020 [12 months ago] from DeepSec
DeepSec 2019 Opening.Cast: DeepSec ConferenceTags: Opening, Information Security and DeepSec
The Daily Malware Grind - Looking Beyond The Cybers - Tim Berghoff, Hauke Gierow
13th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Given the noise generated around all the “sexy” and no doubt interesting topics like 0days, APT and nation state-sponsored threat actors it is easy to miss what is really going on out there, in the world of Joe Average. Actual telemetry...
Techniques And Tools For Becoming An Intelligence Operator - Robert Sell
13th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
In this talk, Robert introduces the various operations that Trace Labs has performed to help illustrate OSINT techniques used in finding details on real human subjects. Trace Labs is a non-profit organization that crowdsources open source...
Still Secure. We Empower What We Harden Because We Can Conceal - Yury Chemerkin
11th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
The Launch of Windows 10 has brought many controversial discussions around the privacy factor of collecting and transmitting user data to Microsoft and its partners. But Microsoft was not the first, Apple did it many years ago and there...
Setting Up An Opensource Threat Detection Program - Lance Buttars
11th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Through the use of event detection monitoring and do it yourself monitoring techniques on a Linux Apache PHP MySQL stack, I will demonstrate how you can create different alarms and reporting surfaces that alert you when your application...
SD-WAN Secure Communications Design And Vulnerabilities - Denis Kolegov
11th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
In this talk, we describe most common classes of design flaws and vulnerabilities in SD-WAN secure communication mechanisms, and disclose a set of reported and already patched vulnerabilities in popular SD-WAN products. We present the new...
Saving Private Brian - Michael Burke
11th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
This talk will be given as the story of Brian, an aid worker operating in a hostile third country. When hes stopped going in at the border he had his iPhone taken from him and then returned to him 15 minutes later. Now he cant be sure if...
S.C.A.R.E. - Static Code Analysis Recognition Evasion - Andreas Wiegenstein
11th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
Companies increasingly rely on static code analysis tools in order to scan (their) (custom) code for security risks. But can they really rely on the results? The typical SCA tool is designed to detect security issues in code that were created...
Practical Security Awareness - Lessons Learnt And Best Practices - Stefan Schumacher
5th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
This talk will show lessons learnt from awareness campaigns I ran in several organisations. The focus lies on the instructional design of staff training to motivate the staff, enable them to work with complexity and helping them to transfer...
Overcoming The Limitations Of TLS Fingerprinting For Malware Detection - Blake Anderson
5th Feb 2020 [one year ago] from DeepSec
TLS fingerprinting maps data contained within the TLS ClientHello to a set of possible applications or TLS libraries such as Chrome 74.0 or OpenSSL 1.1.0k. We have developed a system that continuously fuses endpoint and network data from...
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