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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Need More Ports? Ankers Fully Loaded USB-C Hubs Are Cheaper Than Ever Today
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from PCWorld
It’s no secret that Macs could use a few more ports, and you can say the same about many modern thin-and-light Windows laptops, too. Today, you can end the no-port nightmare thanks to an Amazon sale on Anker’s USB-C hubs. Both models...
Multitask Like A Champ With AMDs 6-core, 12-thread Ryzen 5 2600X Processor, On Sale For Just $170
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from PCWorld
If your PCs feeling a little pokey then todays a great day to visit Amazon. The online retailer is selling the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X for $170. On top of that, you get a free copy of Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2. Thats a fantastic price for...
Mad Catz R.A.T. 8+ Review: Back From The Dead
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from PCWorld
The RAT is back, and no I don’t mean your trash-uncle’s favorite glam metal band. Two years ago venerable peripherals maker Mad Catz filed for bankruptcy and then subsequently died, taking its designs to the grave with it. But not permanently,...
PSB M4U 8 Headphones Review: Very Fine Noise-cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
11th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from PCWorld
Superb sound and top-notch active noise cancellation make these wireless cans hard to beat.
NVMe SSDs: Everything You Need To Know About This Insanely Fast Storage
10th Mar 2019 [15 days ago] from PCWorld
NVMe is no longer a nice-to-have storage technology. If you’re shopping for a new PC, it’s a feature you should actively seek out. Moreover, if your PC is of fairly recent vintage, you should upgrade to NVMe. Here’s why.What it is NVMe...
I’m Ashamed It Took Me So Long To Try The Yakuza Series
9th Mar 2019 [17 days ago] from PCWorld
This is not an official review of Yakuza 0, nor is it an official review of Yakuza Kiwami. It can’t be. The former released on PC last August, making this writeup more than six months overdue—or four years, if we time it to the original...
The Best Clear And Translucent Cases For Your Galaxy S10e, S10, And S10+
8th Mar 2019 [18 days ago] from PCWorld
Aside from its great screen, ultra-fast processor, and awesome camera, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has one more thing going for it: the array of colors available to choose from. Available in new "prism" finishes that change color depending on...
This Week In Games: Diablo Rises From The Dead On GOG, Dead Or Alives $93 Season Pass, Halo On PC?
8th Mar 2019 [18 days ago] from PCWorld
All I want to do is talk about how terrible the Sonic the Hedgehog movie looks. That’s it. It’s scarred me, deep into my soul. It’s already the Super Mario Bros film for the modern era, in my mind. And if you don’t know what I’m...
Elizabeth Warren Wants To Break Up Amazon, Facebook, And Google And Undo Their Acquisitions
8th Mar 2019 [18 days ago] from PCWorld
On Friday, Senator Elizabeth Warren tried to separate herself from a crowded field of Democratic challengers for the U.S. presidency with a big proposal: break up Amazon, Google, and Facebook, and unwind their recent acquisitions of smaller...
Watch The Full Nerd Talk GTX 1660 Ti Reviews And 3rd Gen Ryzen Rumors Live!
8th Mar 2019 [18 days ago] from PCWorld
Join The Full Nerd gang as they talk about the latest PC hardware topics. In todays show we cover Brads Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti review, the latest 3rd gen Ryzen rumors hinting at more cores, and the problems Gordon has been having with USB 4....
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