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Vishing: What Is It And How Do I Avoid Getting Scammed?
14th Jun 2021 [19 hours ago] from ESET Research
How do vishing scams work, how do they impact businesses and individuals, and how can you protect yourself, your family and your business? The post Vishing: What is it and how do I avoid getting scammed? appeared first on...
Google Fixes Actively Exploited Chrome Zero‑day
10th Jun 2021 [5 days ago] from ESET Research
The latest Chrome update patches a bumper crop of security flaws across the browser’s desktop versions The post Google fixes actively exploited Chrome zero‑day appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
BackdoorDiplomacy: Upgrading From Quarian To Turian
10th Jun 2021 [5 days ago] from ESET Research
ESET researchers discover a new campaign that evolved from the Quarian backdoor The post BackdoorDiplomacy: Upgrading from Quarian to Turian appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Gelsemium: When Threat Actors Go Gardening
9th Jun 2021 [6 days ago] from ESET Research
ESET researchers shed light on new campaigns from the quiet Gelsemium group The post Gelsemium: When threat actors go gardening appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Hundreds Of Suspected Criminals Arrested After Being Tricked Into Using FBI‑run Chat App
8th Jun 2021 [7 days ago] from ESET Research
Law enforcement around the world used a messaging app called AN0M to monitor the communications of alleged criminals The post Hundreds of suspected criminals arrested after being tricked into using FBI‑run chat app appeared first on...
Hacking Space: How To Pwn A Satellite
7th Jun 2021 [8 days ago] from ESET Research
Hacking an orbiting satellite is not light years away – here’s how things can go wrong in outer space The post Hacking space: How to pwn a satellite appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Zero‑day In Popular WordPress Plugin Exploited To Take Over Websites
3rd Jun 2021 [12 days ago] from ESET Research
Websites using Fancy Product Designer are susceptible to remote code execution attacks even if the plugin is deactivated The post Zero‑day in popular WordPress plugin exploited to take over websites appeared first on...
ESET Threat Report T1 2021
3rd Jun 2021 [12 days ago] from ESET Research
A view of the T1 2021 threat landscape as seen by ESET telemetry and from the perspective of ESET threat detection and research experts The post ESET Threat Report T1 2021 appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
5 Common Scams Targeting Teens – And How To Stay Safe
1st Jun 2021 [14 days ago] from ESET Research
From knock-off designer products to too-good-to-be-true job offers, here are five common schemes fraudsters use to trick teenagers out of their money and sensitive data The post 5 common scams targeting teens – and how to stay safe appeared...
Don’t Feed The Trolls And Other Tips For Avoiding Online Drama
31st May 2021 [15 days ago] from ESET Research
You may not be able to escape internet trolls, but you have a choice about how you will deal with them – here’s how you can handle trolls without losing your cool The post Don’t feed the trolls and other tips for avoiding online drama...
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