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Security News from 'Guardian'
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GCHQ Chief: West Faces ‘moment Of Reckoning’ Over Cybersecurity
16th May 2021 [3 days ago] from Guardian
Jeremy Fleming to say UK must ‘develop sovereign technologies’ and work with allies to ‘build better cyber-defences’ Britain and its allies face a “moment of reckoning” in which secure encryption and other future technologies...
Signal Founder: I Hacked Police Phone-cracking Tool Cellebrite
16th May 2021 [3 days ago] from Guardian
Moxie Marlinspike accuses surveillance firm of being ‘linked to persecution’ around the worldThe CEO of the messaging app Signal claims to have hacked the phone-cracking tools used by police in Britain and around the world to extract...
Ransomware Hackers Steal Plans For Upcoming Apple Products
16th May 2021 [3 days ago] from Guardian
Group behind REvil ransomware claims stolen files include plans for two laptops and a new Apple Watch Apple is facing a ransomware demand after a group of cybercriminals stole confidential plans for the company’s upcoming products from...
Poppy Gustafsson: The Darktrace Tycoon In New Cybersecurity Era
16th May 2021 [3 days ago] from Guardian
Gustafsson’s firm, founded when she was 30, is marketed as a digital parallel of a human body fighting illnessPoppy Gustafsson runs a cutting-edge and gender-diverse cybersecurity firm on the brink of a £3bn stock market debut, but she...
Hacked US Energy Pipeline On Track To Restore Full Service But Shortages Persist
15th May 2021 [3 days ago] from Guardian
Gas station outages in Washington and south-eastern statesColonial Pipeline reportedly paid hackers $5m ransom Federal officials have said America’s largest energy pipeline is on track to fully restore service following a ransomware attack...
Welcome To DarkSide – And The Inexorable Rise Of Ransomware | John Naughton
15th May 2021 [3 days ago] from Guardian
The hacking of a US gas pipeline is proof that cybercrime is now a major industry – with its own trading markets and even CSROn Friday 7 May, Colonial, the quaintly named operator of the pipeline that brings 45% of the US east coast’s...
NSW Labor Warns Members Their Data Could End Up Online After Hacker’s Deadline Passes
15th May 2021 [4 days ago] from Guardian
The police cyber crime squad and IT forensic experts are investigating the ransomware attack by AvaddonNew South Wales Labor has warned its members their data could be posted online as early as Saturday after the organisation was targeted...
How The Colonial Pipeline Hack Is Part Of A Growing Ransomware Trend In The US
14th May 2021 [5 days ago] from Guardian
Cybercriminals have attacked solar power firms, water treatment plants and police departments in attempts to extort moneyThe wider American public was afforded an unwanted glimpse into the wild west world of ransomware this week, after...
Colonial Pipeline Reaching Full Capacity After Cyberattack, Biden Says
13th May 2021 [5 days ago] from Guardian
Colonial paid fee in ‘untraceable cryptocurrency’, report saysPipeline carries 100m gallons per day of gas, jet fuel and dieselJoe Biden announced on Thursday that the vast Colonial petrochemical pipeline stretching from Texas to New...
Largest US Pipeline To Restart Operations After Hack Shut It Down For Nearly A Week
13th May 2021 [6 days ago] from Guardian
Announcement comes amid fuel shortages in south-east, with panicked drivers filling up their tanksThe largest fuel pipeline in the US has restarted operations nearly a week after a cyber-attack forced its shutdown, prompting distribution...
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