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Security News from 'ScienceDaily'
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Spintronics: Faster Data Processing Through Ultrashort Electric Pulses
2nd Jul 2020 [5 days ago] from ScienceDaily
Physicists have developed a simple concept that could improve significantly magnetic-based data processing. Using ultrashort electric pulses in the terahertz range, data can be written, read and erased very quickly. This would make data...
No Keys To The Kingdom: New Single Sign-on Algorithm Provides Superior Privacy
29th Jun 2020 [8 days ago] from ScienceDaily
Single sign-on systems (SSOs) allow us to login to multiple websites and applications using a single username and password combination. But these are third party systems usually handled by Big Tech companies who have been reported to gather...
Quantum Physics Provides A Way To Hide Ignorance
29th Jun 2020 [8 days ago] from ScienceDaily
Students can hide their ignorance and answer questions correctly in an exam without their lack of knowledge being detected by teachers -- but only in the quantum world.
Tool To Protect Childrens Online Privacy
23rd Jun 2020 [14 days ago] from ScienceDaily
A new study of 100 mobile apps for kids found that 72 violated a federal law aimed at protecting childrens online privacy. Researchers developed a tool that can determine whether an Android game or other mobile app complies with the federal...
Adding Noise For Completely Secure Communication
11th Jun 2020 [26 days ago] from ScienceDaily
How can we protect communications against eavesdropping if we dont trust the devices used in the process? This is one of the main questions in quantum cryptography research. Researchers have now succeeded in laying the theoretical groundwork...
Do COVID-19 Apps Protect Your Privacy?
8th Jun 2020 [29 days ago] from ScienceDaily
Many mobile apps that track the spread of COVID-19 ask for personal data but dont indicate the information will be secure.
Genetic Barcodes Can Ensure Authentic DNA Fingerprints
3rd Jun 2020 [one month ago] from ScienceDaily
Engineers have demonstrated a method for ensuring that an increasingly popular method of genetic identification called DNA fingerprinting remains secure against inadvertent mistakes or malicious attacks in the field. The technique relies...
Physicists Develop Worlds Best Quantum Bits
3rd Jun 2020 [one month ago] from ScienceDaily
A team of researchers has set a new record for preparing and measuring the quantum bits, or qubits, inside of a quantum computer without error. The techniques they have developed make it easier to build quantum computers that outperform...
Identifying Light Sources Using Artificial Intelligence
3rd Jun 2020 [one month ago] from ScienceDaily
Identifying sources of light plays an important role in the development of many photonic technologies, such as lidar, remote sensing, and microscopy. Traditionally, identifying light sources as diverse as sunlight, laser radiation, or molecule...
Scientists Take Steps To Create A Racetrack Memory, Potentially Enhancing Data Storage
3rd Jun 2020 [one month ago] from ScienceDaily
A team of scientists has taken steps to create a new form of digital data storage, a Racetrack Memory, which opens the possibility to both bolster computer power and lead to the creation of smaller, faster, and more energy efficient computer...
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