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Security News from 'TrendMicro'
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Old Tools For New Money: URL Spreading Shellbot And XMRig Using 17-year Old XHide
19th Jul 2019 [3 days ago] from TrendMicro
We found a threat that scans for open ports and brute forces systems with weak credentials to drop a Monero cryptocurrency miner. While the installation and mining process is hidden by old evasion tool XHide Process Faker, the malware can...
Spam Campaign Targets Colombian Entities With Custom-made ‘Proyecto RAT,’ Uses Email Service YOPmail For C&C
18th Jul 2019 [4 days ago] from TrendMicro
We observed a recent campaign that primarily targets financial institutions and governmental organizations in the South American region, particularly in Colombia. This blog post covers the activities we observed, the remote access tools...
Jenkins Admins: Relying On Default Settings Could Put Master At Risk Of Remote Code Execution Attacks
17th Jul 2019 [5 days ago] from TrendMicro
By David Fiser Jenkins is a popular open-source automation server for software development teams. Used for managing the development side in DevOps, the main purpose of Jenkins is to perform tasks, called jobs, such that software project...
SLUB Gets Rid Of GitHub, Intensifies Slack Use
16th Jul 2019 [6 days ago] from TrendMicro
by Cedric Pernet, Elliot Cao, Jaromir Horejsi, Joseph C. Chen, William Gamazo Sanchez Four months ago, we exposed an attack that leveraged a previously unknown malware that Trend Micro named SLUB. The past iteration of SLUB spread from...
IOS URL Scheme Susceptible To Hijacking
12th Jul 2019 [10 days ago] from TrendMicro
Abuse of the iOS URL Scheme can potentially result in the loss of privacy, bill fraud, exposure to pop-up ads, and more. The post iOS URL Scheme Susceptible to Hijacking appeared first on .
New Miori Variant Uses Unique Protocol To Communicate With C&C
10th Jul 2019 [12 days ago] from TrendMicro
Miori has recently reappeared bearing a notable difference in the way it communicates with its CC server. This Miori variant departs from the usual binary-based protocol and uses a text-based protocol to communicate with its CC. The post...
July’s Patch Tuesday Fixes Critical Flaws In Microsoft Edge And Internet Explorer, Including Windows DHCP Server
9th Jul 2019 [12 days ago] from TrendMicro
Critical patches covered in the release include fixes for Windows DHCP Server, Azure DevOps Server and Team Foundation Server, and .NET Framework, namely assigned as CVE-2019-0785, CVE-2019-1072, and CVE-2019-1113. Elevation of privilege...
Powload Loads Up On Evasion Techniques
9th Jul 2019 [13 days ago] from TrendMicro
By sifting through six months’ worth of data (Jan-Jun 2019) covering over 50,000 samples from the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, we managed to gain insight into how Powload has incorporated new techniques...
Anubis Android Malware Returns With Over 17,000 Samples
8th Jul 2019 [14 days ago] from TrendMicro
he 2018 mobile threat landscape had banking trojans that diversified their tactics and techniques to evade detection and further monetize their malware — and in the case of the Anubis Android malware, retooled for other malicious activities....
Latest Spam Campaigns From TA505 Now Using New Malware Tools Gelup And FlowerPippi
4th Jul 2019 [18 days ago] from TrendMicro
Since our last research on TA505, we have observed new activity from the group that involves campaigns targeting different countries over the last few weeks. We found them targeting countries in the Middle East such as United Arab Emirates...
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