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Security News from 'Symantec'
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IT が「ゼロトラスト」に注目している理由
11th Oct 2018 [6 months ago] from Symantec
複雑な環境に埋もれている SOC は今、セキュリティの強化に威力を発揮する統合ソリューションに熱い視線を送っています。Read More
マイクロソフト月例パッチ(Microsoft Patch Tuesday)- 2018 年 7 月
11th Jul 2018 [10 months ago] from Symantec
今月は、53 個のパッチがリリースされており、そのうち 17 件が「緊急」レベルです。Read More
Thrip: 人工衛星、通信、防衛産業を狙うスパイ集団
21st Jun 2018 [10 months ago] from Symantec
シマンテックによる人工知能ベースの TAA(Targeted Attack Analytics)で、広範囲にわたる新しいスパイ活動が明らかになりました。Read More
18th Mar 2018 [one year ago] from Symantec
Fakebank恶意软件的一个新变体可以拦截安卓用户与银行间的往来电话。Read More
2018 年 2 月の最新インテリジェンス
14th Mar 2018 [one year ago] from Symantec
攻撃グループ「Chafer」が盛んな活動を続け、全世界のスパム率は下がった一方、メールマルウェアはわずかながら上昇に転じました。Read More
Latest Intelligence For October 2017
10th Nov 2017 [one year ago] from Symantec
Symantec research shows users to be twice as likely to encounter threats through email as any other infection vector, and the spam rate declines slightly for the second month in a row.Read More
Sowbug: Cyber Espionage Group Targets South American And Southeast Asian Governments
7th Nov 2017 [one year ago] from Symantec
Group uses custom Felismus malware and has a particular interest in South American foreign policy.Read More
Ramnit Worm: Still Turning Up In Unlikely Places
27th Oct 2017 [one year ago] from Symantec
Over 90 Ramnit-infected apps removed from Google Play.Read More
BadRabbit: New Strain Of Ransomware Hits Russia And Ukraine
25th Oct 2017 [one year ago] from Symantec
BadRabbit is self-propagating and has many similarities to the June 2017 Petya / NotPetya outbreak.Read More
Android Malware On Google Play Adds Devices To Botnet And Performs DDoS Attacks
18th Oct 2017 [2 years ago] from Symantec
Symantec has found eight apps infected with the Sockbot malware on Google Play that can add compromised devices to a botnet and potentially perform DDoS attacks.Read More
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