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Security News from 'Zeltser'
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How To Get And Set Up A Free Windows VM For Malware Analysis
2nd Mar 2019 [2 months ago] from Zeltser
If youd like to start experimenting with malware analysis in your own lab, heres how to download and set up a free Windows virtual machine: Step 1: Install Virtualization Software Step 2: Get a Windows Virtual Machine Step 3: Update the...
A Short Cybersecurity Writing Course Just For You
20th Dec 2018 [4 months ago] from Zeltser
My new writing course for cybersecurity professionals teaches how to write better reports, emails, and other content we regularly create. It captures my experience of writing in the field for over two decades and incorporates insights from...
The Language And Nature Of Fileless Attacks Over Time
12th Oct 2018 [6 months ago] from Zeltser
The language of cybersecurity evolves in step attack and defense tactics. You can get a sense for such dynamics by examining the term fileless. It fascinates me not only because of its relevance to malware, but also because of its knack...
Making Sense Of Microsoft’s Endpoint Security Strategy
6th Aug 2018 [9 months ago] from Zeltser
Microsoft is no longer content to simply delegate endpoint security on Windows to other software vendors. The company has released, fine-tuned or rebranded  multiple security technologies in a way that will have lasting effects on the...
Retired Malware Samples: Everything Old Is New Again
27th Jul 2018 [9 months ago] from Zeltser
Finding real-world malware samples that illustrate practical analysis techniques is tricky. When training professionals how to reverse-engineer malware, Ive gone through lots of malicious programs for the purpose of educational examples....
Scammers Persuade Victims By Supplying Breached Personal Details
25th Jul 2018 [9 months ago] from Zeltser
Scammers use a variety of social engineering tactics when persuading victims to follow the desired course of action. One example of this approach involves the fraudulent message including some personal details about the recipient to prove...
Cyber Is Cyber Is Cyber
2nd Jun 2018 [11 months ago] from Zeltser
If youre in the business of safeguarding data and the systems that process it, what do you call your profession? Are you in cybersecurity? Information security? Computer security, perhaps? The words we use, and the way in which the meaning...
Communicating About Cybersecurity In Plain English
21st May 2018 [11 months ago] from Zeltser
Too often when we communicate with regular, non-technical people about IT and cybersecurity, we use language that virtually guarantees that our message will ignored or misunderstood. This is often a problem for information security and...
Technical Writing Tips For IT Professionals
7th May 2018 [12 months ago] from Zeltser
This cheat sheet offers guidelines for IT professionals seeking to improve technical writing skills. To print it, use the one-page PDF version; you can also customize the Word version of the document. General Recommendations Determine...
Security Product Management At Large Companies Vs. Startups
9th Apr 2018 [one year ago] from Zeltser
Is it better to perform product management of information security solutions at a large company or at a startup? Picking the setting thats right for you isnt as simple as craving the exuberant energy of a young firm or coveting the resources...
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