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Security News from 'The Register'
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Iran Sent Threatening Pro-Trump Emails To American Democrats, Russia Close Behind, Says US Intelligence
21st Oct 2020 [9 hours ago] from The Register
No, say it aint so, maga_christ9000@post.ir Menacing emails to Democrat voters, telling them to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming US elections or else, were sent by Iran, US intelligence claimed on Wednesday night.…
Thought The FBI Were The Only Ones Able To Unlock Encrypted Phones? Pretty Much Every US Cop Can Get The Job Done
21st Oct 2020 [12 hours ago] from The Register
Massive public records request reveals scale of warrantless surveillance Never mind the Feds. American police forces routinely "circumvent most security features" in smartphones to extract mountains of personal information, according to...
Coronavirus Outbreak Triggered A Rush Of Online Attacks Against Retail Loyalty Schemes, Akamai Reckons
21st Oct 2020 [15 hours ago] from The Register
Digital souks are sitting ducks for identity fraudsters Hackers are targeting online loyalty card schemes because it is so easy for them to cash in by selling stolen login details to other criminals, Akamai has warned.…
How Much Does Oracle Love You? Thiiiis Much: Latest Patch Bundle Has 402 Fixes
21st Oct 2020 [17 hours ago] from The Register
How many times do you want to read the CVSS rating 9.8 today? Oracle has released its final quarterly batch of patches for the year for security flaws in its products. The total this time? 402 fixes.…
How Cybercriminals Play The Domain Game
20th Oct 2020 [29 hours ago] from The Register
And why AI tools will make you less vulnerable Sponsored  Conventional email security tools are losing the battle against phishing attacks. The cause? Instead of registering a handful of domains from which to conduct their phishing campaigns,...
OpenStack Haven OpenDev Yanks Gerrit Code Review Tool After Admin Account Compromised For Two Weeks
20th Oct 2020 [33 hours ago] from The Register
Source warehouse asks users to verify recent project commits to ensure they’re not malicious OpenDev.org, which hosts the official OpenStack source code, on Tuesday tore down its Gerrit deployment after realizing it had been secretly...
Top Tip, Everyone: Chinese Hackers Are Hitting These 25 Vulns, So Make Sure You Patch Them ASAP, Says NSA
20th Oct 2020 [36 hours ago] from The Register
Plus this Chrome one being exploited in the wild, we note The NSA has blown the lid off 25 computer security vulnerabilities Chinese government hackers are using to break into networks, steal data, and so on. The US super-spies said they...
VMware Patches, Among Other Things, ESXi Flaw That Can Be Abused By Miscreants On The Network To Hijack Hosts
20th Oct 2020 [39 hours ago] from The Register
Adobe issues out-of-band patches, too, for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, etc Sysadmins responsible for VMware deployments should test and apply the latest security updates for the software.…
Remember Insider Threat? Old News Now. Focus On Malware Detection, Says EU Infosec Agency
20th Oct 2020 [44 hours ago] from The Register
ENISA annual report also calls for better use of threat intel by frontline bods Insider threats, ransomware and cyber espionage were all in decline in the early part of 2020, according to the EU’s cybersecurity agency – though the risk...
You’ve Open Sourced Your Relational Database Manager With PostgreSQL – But How Can You Keep It Secure?
19th Oct 2020 [2 days ago] from The Register
Well help you manage risk while chasing your RDBMS dreams Webcast  There was a time when open source was still – no matter how many decades it had driven software projects – regarded as the playground of hippies and utopians. Bold...
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