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Security News from 'The Register'
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Epic Games Floats $1m Bounty To ID Source Of Commercial Smear Claiming Houseparty Chat App Has Been Hacked
31st Mar 2020 [14 hours ago] from The Register
Lots of non-savvy users may be recycling previously hacked creds Group video chat app Houseparty has offered a $1m bounty to identify what it claims is an organised campaign to falsely depict it as a hackers backdoor.…
Marriot Hotels Breached AGAIN: Two Compromised Logins Abused To Exfil Guests Personal Deets
31st Mar 2020 [16 hours ago] from The Register
How many customers deets? Its not saying just yet Marriot Hotels has suffered its second data spillage in as many years after an "unexpected amount" of guests data was accessed through two compromised employee logins, the under-fire chain...
Poured Your Info Out On A Call To 118 118 Money? Bad Luck. Credit Provider Fesses Up That Hacker Nabbed Customer Service Phone Recordings
30th Mar 2020 [43 hours ago] from The Register
Dont worry, though. Any systematic data extraction would be time-consuming The digital burglary at 118 118 Money exposed recordings of customer service calls that included a raft of personal information although thankfully not payment...
You Know All Those Stories Of Leaky Cloud Buckets Taken Offline? Well, Some May Still Be There, Just Badly Hidden
30th Mar 2020 [45 hours ago] from The Register
Plus, Google warns of fake journo phishing attacks Roundup  Its once again time for the El Reg security roundup.…
First-ever SANS Women In Cybersecurity Survey Reveals Significant Mentorship Gaps
29th Mar 2020 [2 days ago] from The Register
The future of cybersecurity is the responsibility of everyone Promo  As women take more senior positions in the field of cybersecurity, theres a shortage of women available to mentor others.…
Yeah, That Zoom App Youre Trusting With Work Chatter? It Lives With Vampires Feeding On The Blood Of Human Data
27th Mar 2020 [4 days ago] from The Register
Doc Frown: Searls decries video-conferencing softwares creepy closeness with ad tracking As the global coronavirus pandemic pushes the popularity of videoconferencing app Zoom to new heights, one web veteran has sounded the alarm over the...
AMD Dials 911, Emits DMCA Takedowns After Miscreant Steals A Load Of GPU Hardware Blueprints, Leaks On GitHub
26th Mar 2020 [6 days ago] from The Register
We believe the stolen graphics IP is not core to the competitiveness or security of our graphics products On Wednesday, AMD confirmed intellectual property related to its graphics processors was stolen last year, though insisted the leaked...
Hey, China. Maybe You Should Have Held Your Hackers Off For A Bit While COVID-19 Ravaged The Planet. Just A Suggestion
26th Mar 2020 [6 days ago] from The Register
Citrix, Cisco and Zoho-pwning APT41 attack wave seems in awfully bad taste Proving that no good crisis ever goes to waste, Chinese government hacking crew APT41 launched a campaign that abuses vulns in Citrix Netscaler and Zoho ManageEngine,...
SANS Is Offering Fully Certified Cybersecurity Training – Without Leaving Your Bunker
25th Mar 2020 [6 days ago] from The Register
Isolation is the perfect time to learn new skills Promo  Amid this planets ongoing pandemic, if you’re keen to repurpose all that time previously spent commuting, attending conferences, and so on, why not take a look at the SANS Institute’s...
If Theres Something Strange In Symantecs Neighborhood, Who You Gonna Call? Not Broadcom, It Seems: Systems Go Down Globally
25th Mar 2020 [6 days ago] from The Register
And now back on their feet Symantec customers, or rather Broadcom these days, were taken offline for a while on Wednesday when the security services datacenters around the planet went down.…
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