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Security News from 'The Register'
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WTF PDF: If At First You Dont Succeed, You May Be Adobe Re-patching Its Acrobat, Reader Patches
21st Feb 2019 [15 hours ago] from The Register
Plus: How Microsoft Edge helps Facebook Flash files dodge click-to-play rules in Edge Adobe is taking a second crack at patching security bugs in its Acrobat and Reader PDF apps.…
Black-hat Sextortionists Required: Competitive Salary And Dental Plan
21st Feb 2019 [21 hours ago] from The Register
Cybercrims arent just raking it in – theyre dishing it out too Extortionists are promising salaries of more than a quarter of a million pounds to skilled infosec folk willing to put on a black hat, according to research outfit Digital...
Data Breach Rumours Abound As UK Labour Party Locks Down Access To Member Databases
21st Feb 2019 [25 hours ago] from The Register
Breakaway MPs accused of making off with info The UKs Labour Party has been forced to lock down access to membership databases and campaign tools over concerns the info was being sucked up by breakaway MPs, in a possible breach of data...
Welcome To The Sunlit Uplands Of HTTP/2, Where A Naughty Request Can Send Microsofts IIS Into A Spin
21st Feb 2019 [25 hours ago] from The Register
Its patching time again for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Oops! Microsoft has published an advisory on a bug in its Internet Information Services (IIS) product that allows a malicious HTTP/2 request to send CPU usage to 100 per cent.…...
Bored Bloke Takes Control Of British Army Psyops Units Twitter
21st Feb 2019 [27 hours ago] from The Register
Great recruiting tool there, folks A crafty joker seized control of the British Armys "influence and outreach" Twitter account – and labelled the military unit "fun sponges" when they tried to get it back.…
Check Yo Self Before You HyperWreck Yo Self: Cisco Fixes Gimme-root Holes In HyperFlex, Plus More Security Bugs
20th Feb 2019 [32 hours ago] from The Register
Patches available now spread across more than a dozen advisories Cisco emitted on Wednesday a bunch of security updates that, your support contract willing, you should test and roll out to installations as soon as possible.…
Wheres Zero Cool When You Need Him? Loose Chips Sink Ships: How Hackers could Wreck Container Vessels
20th Feb 2019 [34 hours ago] from The Register
Or Acid Burn? Or Lord Nikon? Weak IT security may end in disaster at sea... one day Poorly maintained IT systems on container ships are leaving the vessels open to cyber-attack and catastrophe, it is claimed.…
No RESTful The Wicked: If Your Website Runs Drupal, You Need To Check For Security Updates – Unless You Enjoy Being Hacked
20th Feb 2019 [38 hours ago] from The Register
PUT, PATCH, POST, PWNED! Website admins are today urged to update their Drupal installations following the disclosure of a potentially serious vulnerability in the web publishing software. And when we say potentially serious, we mean, someone...
Behold… A WinRAR Security Bug Thats Older Than Your Childs Favorite YouTuber. And Yes, You Should Patch This Hole
20th Feb 2019 [39 hours ago] from The Register
Bet all two of you who paid to activate your copy are feeling a little cheesed off at this 14-year-old undetected flaw CheckPoint infosec eggheads are today laying claim to discovering a Windows archiving security flaw that appears to have...
Who Will Stand Up For European Democracy? Us! Says US Software Giant Microsoft
20th Feb 2019 [48 hours ago] from The Register
Nefarious activity of cyber villains continues, but dont fret: AccountGuard will save you American tech giant Microsoft revealed this morning it has detected a wave of attacks against European democratic institutions as miscreants continue...
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