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Security News from 'The Register'
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Us? Pwn SolarWinds? With Our Reputation? Russian Spy Chief Makes Laughable Denial Of Supply Chain Attack
18th May 2021 [9 hours ago] from The Register
Hint: He doesnt care if you personally think its rubbish, and heres why A Russian spymaster has denied that his agency carried out the infamous SolarWinds supply chain attack in a public relations move worthy of the Internet Research...
Business-intelligence-company-turned-Bitcoin-addict MicroStrategy Grabs Another $10m Crypto-coin Fix
18th May 2021 [10 hours ago] from The Register
Whos recommending investment? The man who already has a $1bn stake Wikipedia says MicroStrategy is a company that provides business intelligence (BI), mobile software, and cloud-based services, but that wouldnt be the first outdated information...
The UK Loves Cybersecurity So Much, Its Going To Regulate Managed Service Providers Infosec Practices In Law
18th May 2021 [12 hours ago] from The Register
And youre invited to speak your brains on Computer Misuse Act changes +Comment  The British government has vowed to create a legally binding cybersecurity framework for managed service providers (MSPs) – and if you want to tell gov.UK...
1Password Unsheathes Rusty Key, Hopes To Unlock Linux Desktop World
18th May 2021 [14 hours ago] from The Register
Tries to tempt penguins with Ring Crypto 1Password has unveiled a full-featured desktop app for Linux, written in Rust and using the ring crypto library for end-to-end encryption.…
Latest Phones Are Great At Thwarting Wi-Fi Tracking. Other Devices, Not So Much – Study
18th May 2021 [20 hours ago] from The Register
Boffins find increasing MAC address randomization protection with mobiles In 2017, US Naval Academy researchers found that MAC address randomization in mobile devices was largely worthless as a privacy defense. Three years later, the same...
Eufycam Wi-Fi Security Cameras Streamed Video Feeds From Other Peoples Homes
17th May 2021 [31 hours ago] from The Register
Plus: Bidens order on security, US govt acquiring data on citizens, and more In brief  Unlucky owners of Eufycam security cameras were horrified earlier today when they opened their app for the equipment and saw video streams from strangers...
Axa Insurance Offshoots Pwned As Ireland Reveals Second Ransomware Hit
17th May 2021 [36 hours ago] from The Register
Dept of Health unsuccessfully targeted in same attack against hospitals Roundup  The murky world of ransomware criminals is all aflutter after it was revealed that Irelands health services were hit by a second attack hot on the heels of...
Wed Love To Report On The Outcome Of The CREST Exam Cheatsheet Probe, But UK Infosec Body Wont Publish It
17th May 2021 [40 hours ago] from The Register
Why? It might reveal whistleblowers names... British infosec accreditation body CREST has declared that it will not be publishing its full report into last years exam-cheating scandal after all, triggering anger from the cybersecurity...
Mammoth Grab Of GP Patient Data In The UK Set To Benefit Private-sector Market Access As Rules Remain Unchanged
17th May 2021 [42 hours ago] from The Register
No policy shakeup to deal with snatch of info from primary physicians Evidence from NHS Digitals website suggests that patient data held by GPs in England will be available to private-sector companies to help them understand market opportunities...
Apple Sent My Data To The FBI, Says Boss Of Controversial Research Paper Trove Sci-Hub
17th May 2021 [43 hours ago] from The Register
Former Sun boss Scott McNealy offers interesting response Alexandra Elbakyan, the creator of controversial research trove Sci-Hub, has claimed that Apple informed her it has handed over information about her account to the FBI.…
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