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Security News from 'The Register'
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You Know That Microsoft ZeroLogon Bug Youve Been Dragging Your Feet On? Its Getting Pwned In The Wild Now
24th Sep 2020 [12 hours ago] from The Register
Scan servers for signs of compromise and patch if you havent already The rather concerning design flaw in Microsofts netlogon protocol is being exploited in the wild by miscreants, the Windows giants security team has warned.…
We Need To Talk About Criminal Hackers Using Cobalt Strike, Says Cisco Talos
24th Sep 2020 [16 hours ago] from The Register
Pentesting tool showing up in the hands of baddies, warns threat intel biz Penetration testing tool Cobalt Strike is increasingly being used by black hats in non-simulated attacks as traces show up in scenarios from ransomware infections...
Wondering How To Tell The World Youve Been Hacked? Heres A Handy Guide From Infosec Academics
24th Sep 2020 [17 hours ago] from The Register
Unis of Kent and Warwick figure out better way of admitting terrible thing Infosec boffins at the University of Kent have developed a "comprehensive playbook" for companies who, having suffered a data breach, want to know how to shrug off...
UK ICO Fines Biz Profiteering From COVID-19 Crisis By Sending Unsolicited Marketing Texts To Joe Public
24th Sep 2020 [21 hours ago] from The Register
Digital Growth Experts Ltd hit send on 16k+ messages. The fine? £3.70 per text Digital Growth Experts Ltd (DGEL) is nursing a £60,000 smackdown doled out by the UK’s data watchdog after it sent out thousands of nuisance marketing text...
Four Ex-eBay Staffers To Plead Guilty After Cyberstalking Critics Of Online Tat Bazaars Management
23rd Sep 2020 [35 hours ago] from The Register
Accused senior management insist they werent involved Four of the seven former eBay employees charged with cyberstalking a couple critical of the web auction house are scheduled to plead guilty next month.…
Doppelpaymer Ransomware Crew Fingered Over Attack On German Hospital That Allegedly Caused Death Of A Patient
23rd Sep 2020 [42 hours ago] from The Register
Same mob promised not to target healthcare facilities The Doppelpaymer ransomware gang were behind the cyber-attack on a German hospital that allegedly led to one patients death, according to local sources.…
Microsoft Leaks 6.5TB In Bing Search Data Via Unsecured Elastic Server. *Insert Wow... That Much? Joke Here*
23rd Sep 2020 [44 hours ago] from The Register
Not personal info, but there are worries over deanonymisation. Remember that AOL research database? Microsoft exposed a 6.5TB Elastic server to the world, including search terms, location coordinates, device ID data, and a partial list...
Proposed US Fix For Boeing 737 Max Software Woes Does Not Address Ethiopian Crash Scenario, UK Pilot Union Warns
23rd Sep 2020 [2 days ago] from The Register
MCAS saga still hasnt ended as reps warn of trim wheel problem The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) has told American aviation regulators that the Boeing 737 Max needs better fixes for its infamous MCAS software, warning that...
FBI Boasts Of Dark-web Drug Bust: 179 Collared Around The World, $6.5m In Cash And 500kg Of Narcotics Seized
22nd Sep 2020 [2 days ago] from The Register
Operation DisrupTor will significantly disrupt the online opioid trade A nine-month international operation spearheaded by the FBI has led to the arrest of 179 people across the world for selling drugs on the dark web.…
As Youre Scrambling To Patch The Scary ZeroLogon Hole In Windows Server, Dont Forget Samba – Its Also Affected
22nd Sep 2020 [3 days ago] from The Register
Domain controllers at risk of hijacking, depending on version and configuration Administrators running Samba as their domain controllers should update their installations as the open-source software suffers from the same ZeroLogon hole...
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