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Security News from 'The Register'
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Ticketmaster Tells Customer Its Not At Fault For Sites Magecart Malware Pwnage
12th Dec 2018 [12 hours ago] from The Register
Uh, hello? Didnt you put third-party Javascript on a payment page? Ticketmaster is telling its customers that it wasnt to blame for the infection of its site by a strain of the Magecart cred-stealing malware – despite embedding third-party...
Its December Of 2018 And, To Hell With It, Just Patch Your Stuff
11th Dec 2018 [21 hours ago] from The Register
Windows, Office, Acrobat, SAP... you know the deal Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP are finishing up the year with a flurry of activity, combining to patch more than 140 CVE-listed security flaws between them.…
Equifax How-it-was-mega-hacked Damning Dossier Lands, In All Of Its Infuriating Glory
11th Dec 2018 [25 hours ago] from The Register
Entirely preventable theft down to traffic-monitoring certificate left expired for 19 months A US Congressional report outlin]ing the breakdowns that lead to the 2017 theft of 148 million personal records from Equifax has revealed a stunning...
25% Of NHS Trusts Have Zilch, Zip, Zero Staff Who Are Versed In Security
11th Dec 2018 [27 hours ago] from The Register
Not like theres been a major incident recently to kick them into gear or anything A quarter of NHS trusts in the UK responding to a Freedom of Information request have no staff with security qualifications, despite some employing up to...
Lenovo Tells Asia-Pacific Staff: Work Lappy With Your Unencrypted Data On It Has Been Nicked
11th Dec 2018 [34 hours ago] from The Register
Thats thousands of employees names, monthly salaries, bank details Exclusive  A corporate-issued laptop lifted from a Lenovo employee in Singapore contained a cornucopia of unencrypted payroll data on staff based in the Asia Pacific region,...
Texas Instruments Flicks Armis Bluetooth Chip Vuln Off Its Shoulder
11th Dec 2018 [35 hours ago] from The Register
Yeah, weve patched that one, adds Cisco Texas Instruments has rather feebly slapped down infosec researchers findings on a so-called Bleedingbit Bluetooth Low Energy vulnerability after a more detailed explanation of the chipsets weakness...
Latest Google+ Flaw Leads Chocolate Factory To Shut Down Site Early
10th Dec 2018 [45 hours ago] from The Register
52.5 million accounts at risk, tens of people are worried Google says it will be speeding up the dismantling of its Google+ social network following the discovery of a new security bug that affected 52.5 million users.…
Did You Know That IOS Ad Clicks Cost More Than Android? These Scammers Did
10th Dec 2018 [2 days ago] from The Register
Malware hides cheap Android clicks as high-end Apple traffic An enterprising malware writer has been masquerading infected Android devices as Apple gear in order to make a few extra bucks.…
Nice Phone Account You Have There - Shame If Something Were To Happen To It. Samsung Fixes ID-theft Flaws
10th Dec 2018 [2 days ago] from The Register
If Artem Moskowsky owes you money, its a good time to ask A recently-patched set of flaws in Samsungs mobile site was leaving users open to account theft.…
Privacy, Security Fears About ID Cards? UK.govs Digital Bod Has One Simple Solution: Get Over It
10th Dec 2018 [2 days ago] from The Register
Yeah, how about you work for us... Digital minister Margot James reckons Brits need to "get over" their concerns about privacy and cyber security and let the government assign them with ID cards.…
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