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Security News from 'The Register'
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If You Havent Potentially Exposed 1000s Of Customers Once Again With Networking Vulns, Step Forward... Not So Fast, Palo Alto Networks
9th Jul 2020 [11 hours ago] from The Register
Getting to be a real PAN in the OS Palo Alto Networks has emitted its second software update in as many weeks to address a potentially serious security vulnerability in its products.…
Microsoft Sues Coronavirus Phishing Spammers To Seize Their Domains Amid Web App Attacks Against Office 265
8th Jul 2020 [23 hours ago] from The Register
A very busy six months for Redmonds Digital Crimes Unit Microsoft has taken legal action to seize web domains being used to launch coronavirus-themed phishing attacks.…
One Surefire Way To Get The Bosss Attention On Network Security Is To Get Hacked. But There Must Be A Better Way?
8th Jul 2020 [27 hours ago] from The Register
And there is – check out our latest survey findings Reader survey  With anyone who can work from home actually doing so during the pandemic, networking – and therefore network security – has become more business-critical than it...
Criminals Auction Off Stolen Domain Admin Credentials For Up To £95k. Your Bank Account Details? Barely Get £50
8th Jul 2020 [28 hours ago] from The Register
Dark web dwellers can pick and choose from billions - billions - of logins Stolen domain admin login credentials can be resold by dark web criminals for up to £95,000 and a total of 15 billion purloined credentials are traded on illicit...
Citrix Tells Everyone Not To Worry Too Much Over Its Latest Security Patches. NSAs Former Top Hacker Disagrees
8th Jul 2020 [34 hours ago] from The Register
Eleven flaws cleaned up including one that may be exploited to sling malware downloads Citrix has issued patches for 11 CVE-listed security vulnerabilities in its various networking products.…
Shopped Recently From A Small Online Store? Check This List To See If It Was One Of 570 Websites Infected With Card-skimming Magecart
7th Jul 2020 [46 hours ago] from The Register
Finders Keepers The payment-card-skimming Magecart malware has turned up on yet more websites, this time 570 spanning 55 countries, it emerged this week.…
Fret Not, Linux Fans, Microsofts Project Freta Is Here To Peer Deep Into Your Memory... To Spot Malware
7th Jul 2020 [2 days ago] from The Register
Shining a Rust-based forensic light into the darker corners of images Boffins in Microsoft Research has pulled the covers off Project Freta, a free service aimed at spotting memory malfeasance.…
Social Media Giants Move To Defy Hong Kongs New National Security Law
7th Jul 2020 [2 days ago] from The Register
Plus: US govt says its looking at banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok Social media businesses are making moves to block Hong Kong authorities from accessing their user data, days after Beijing imposed a new national security...
Hundreds Of Forgotten Corners Of Mega-corp Websites Fall Into The Hands Of Spammers And Malware Slingers
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from The Register
DNS entries left pointing to Azure-hosted server names snatched by miscreants for mischief More than 200 website subdomains belonging to organizations large and small, including household names, were hijacked to redirect netizens to malware,...
Want To Kill All The Weak Passwords? This May Be The Tool For You
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from The Register
Specops tames password resets in Windows environments Sponsored  Despite a torrent of bad press, passwords have become the technology that should go away but somehow never quite does. This is mostly simple inertia, but the unfamiliarity,...
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