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Security News from 'The Register'
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Ad Network Ransomware Crook To Flog £5k Rolex After Court Confiscates £270k In Ill-gotten Gains
9th Dec 2019 [12 hours ago] from The Register
Next thing shes wearing my Casio A jailed hacker who profited from the Angler Exploit Kit has been ordered to sell his £5,000 Rolex watch after the National Crime Agency (NCA) applied to confiscate £270,000 of criminal proceeds from...
Metasploit For Drones? Best Of Luck With That, Muses Veteran Tinkerer
9th Dec 2019 [14 hours ago] from The Register
Been down this path and it aint that easy, says man who knows Black Hat Europe  A veteran drone hacker reckons the recent release of the Dronesploit framework wont go down quite as its inventors hope.…
OpenBSD Bugs, Microsofts Bad Update, A New Nork Hacking Crew, And More
7th Dec 2019 [3 days ago] from The Register
Meanwhile, the DOJ sets its sights on money mules Welcome to yet another El Reg security roundup. Off we go.…
China Fires Up Great Cannon Denial-of-service Blaster, Points It Toward Hong Kong
6th Dec 2019 [3 days ago] from The Register
Protest organizers come under fire from network traffic barrage China is reportedly using the cannon capabilities of its massive domestic internet to try and take down anti-government websites in Hong Kong.…
Reasons To Be Fearful 2020: Smishing, Public Wi-Fi, Deepfakes... And All The Usual Suspects
6th Dec 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Too soon for New Year Resolutions? Cybercriminals will continue to exploit tried-and-tested fraud methods but also adopt a couple of new takes and targets in the year ahead.…
SANS Announces 13th Holiday Hack Challenge And 2nd KringleCon Infosec Conference
5th Dec 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Sign up, tune in, expand your knowledge, and compete in hacking contests Promo  On December 9, SANS will launch its second annual KringleCon virtual conference followed shortly thereafter by its 13th Holiday Hack Challenge.…
Tricky VPN-busting Bug Lurks In IOS, Android, Linux Distros, MacOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Say University Eggheads
5th Dec 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2/IPSec also vulnerable to unmasking flaw, were told A bug in the way Unix-flavored systems handle TCP connections could put VPN users at risk of having their encrypted traffic hijacked, it is claimed.…
VCs Find Exciting New Way To Blow $1m: Wire It Directly To Hackers After Getting Spoofed
5th Dec 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Who needs an elevator pitch when you have man-in-the-middle attack? A group of hackers used a compromised email account to steal a start-ups $1m venture capital payment.…
If Theres Somethin Stored In A Secure Enclave, Who Ya Gonna Call? Membuster!
5th Dec 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
Boffins ride the memory bus past Intels SGX to your data Computer scientists from UC Berkeley, Texas AM, and semiconductor biz SK Hynix have found a way to defeat secure enclave protections by observing memory requests from a CPU to off-chip...
Scammy And Spammy Harassers Are Chasing Veteran Pros Off Crypto-collab Platform Keybase
5th Dec 2019 [4 days ago] from The Register
What happens when you throw your lot in with crypto-coin types Collaboration site Keybase, once touted for its encrypted meetup channels and robust developer features, is struggling to ward off an epidemic of harassment and spam brought...
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