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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Keep Your Whole Teams Passwords Secure With RoboForm Everywhere
13th May 2019 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
Strong passwords are vitally important. But creating ones that are sufficiently complex — without impeding access — is a daunting task. And that’s precisely what makes Roboform Everywhere for Business, at just $59.99 for a five-year...
ASRocks Overclocked Radeon RX 590 Offers No-compromises Gaming And Two Free Games For $200
13th May 2019 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
We adore graphics card deals these days thanks to AMD’s never-ending thirst for giving away free games. Today, Newegg is selling an ASRock Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX 590 for $200Remove non-product link. This card usually sells for around...
LG G8 ThinQ Review: Gimmicks With A Capital G
13th May 2019 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
It’s not enough for LG that the G8 ThinQ has the best processor, a great screen, an impressive battery, and a solid camera. Like nearly every G phone that came before, the G8 also has to be different, and that’s where it gets tripped...
Wyze Sense Review: This $20 Sensor System Is A Steal For Security DIYers
13th May 2019 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
This starter kit of two contact sensors and one motion sensor extends the capabilities of Wyzes affordable security cameras.
Tineco Pure One S12 Review: This Smart Cordless Vacuum Detects Dust
13th May 2019 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
The Pure One S12 adapts its suction power to the amount of dust on your floors and furniture.
The Next-gen Google Assistant Is Taking The Privacy Fight Right To Siri—and It Just Might Win
13th May 2019 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
Google demonstrated its next-gen Assistant during its I/O conference and it ran circles around Siri both in speed and privacy.
10 Time-saving Windows Tips And Tricks That Help You Get Stuff Done Faster
13th May 2019 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
Time may not necessarily be money, but it still matters. Every second you spend wading through context menus or clunkily navigating Windows is a second you could be doing something you love instead. And with so much of modern life tied...
PCWorlds April Digital Magazine: Meet ConceptD, Acers New PCs For Creators
10th May 2019 [15 days ago] from PCWorld
Stay on top of the latest tech with PCWorld’s Digital Magazine. Available as single copies or as a monthly subscription, it highlights the best content from PCWorld.com—the most important news, the key product reviews, and the most...
Thermaltake Reveals A Monstrous, RGB-laden $1,200 Motorized Desk For Gamers
10th May 2019 [15 days ago] from PCWorld
Thermaltake’s escalating the war to RGB all the things. We’ve already got graphics cards, motherboards, cases, and heck, even SSDs loaded to the brim with customizable RGB LEDs, but Thermaltake’s going even further with a $1,200 adjustable...
How Windows And Chrome Quietly Made 2019 The Year Of Linux On The Desktop
10th May 2019 [15 days ago] from PCWorld
After years of endless jokes, 2019 is truly, finally shaping up to be the year of Linux on the desktop. Laptops, too! But most people won’t know it. That’s because the bones of the open-source operating system kernel will soon be baked...
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