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Security News from 'ZDNet'
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Five Years After The Equation Group HDD Hacks, Firmware Security Still Sucks
18th Feb 2020 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
Device manufacturers are not forcing driver signatures at all times.
Do Developers Take Full Responsibility For Security? MongoDB Finds Only A Third Do
18th Feb 2020 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
MongoDB poll suggests organizations havent got to grips with DevSecOps but are headed in the right direction.
Microsoft To Deploy ElectionGuard Voting Software For The First Time Tomorrow
17th Feb 2020 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
Residents in Fulton, Wisconsin will elect representatives for the Wisconsin Supreme Court via voting machines running Microsofts ElectionGuard voting software.
The Consumer Data Right From Westpac’s Perspective
17th Feb 2020 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
It is taking an entirely new architecture for the big four banks and the other initial 148 ADIs to be ready for the requirements of the consumer-focused data-sharing regime.
Bug In WordPress Plugin Can Let Hackers Wipe Up To 200,000 Sites
17th Feb 2020 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
Same bug can also let attackers gain access to the admin account.
Singapore Instructs Facebook To Block Page Access Under Online Falsehoods Law
17th Feb 2020 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
Social media platform has been ordered to block access to the States Times Review page, after the latters author repeatedly ignored directives from the Singapore government under the countrys Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation...
Hacking Brain-computer Interfaces
17th Feb 2020 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) are still in their infancy, yet theyve already been hacked. As well as the machine learning models theyre built on, For once, can we build in security from the ground up, rather than trying to duct tape it...
LokiBot Trojan Malware Campaign Comes Disguised As A Popular Game Launcher
17th Feb 2020 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
The latest version of the information-stealing trojan malware is likely spammed out to victims in bulk, and uses a clever trick to bypass security software.
IRS Warns: Tax Data Thefts Are Spiking, So Use 2FA
17th Feb 2020 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
US taxation agency urges professionals and the public to use multi-factor authentication for tax software.
South Korea Sees Rise In Smishing With Coronavirus Misinformation
16th Feb 2020 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
There have been 9,688 smishing attempts so far that exploited the novel coronavirus outbreak.
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