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Security News from 'The Register'
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Whats That? Encryptions OK Now? UK Politicos Brexit From Whatsapp To Signal
20th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
Take a break from calling for the end of e2e, so they can switch encrypted chat apps Its not just the European Union the UKs ruling party wishes to leave. According to the Guardian, the recently victorious Conservative party is switching...
Five Years For The Man Who Scammed Facebook And Google Out Of $120m By Cunning Use Of Email
20th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
Lithuanian bloke gets half a decade for the mother of all phishing schemes A Lithuanian hacker will spend the next five years behind bars for masterminding a massive $120m (£92.05m) business email compromise involving Facebook and...
Want To Live Long And Prosper? Then Avoid Pirated, Malware-laden Star Wars Streams And Pay To Watch
19th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
Poisoned movie feeds will do more damage than an angry Dalek Movie fans eager for an early peek at the new Star Wars installment are putting themselves at risk of malware infection.…
Email Blackmail Brouhaha Tears UKIP Apart As High Court Refuses Computer Seizure Attempt
19th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
And you thought politics was winding down for Christmas The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has suffered a data breach after allegedly having 143 party email accounts accessed amid demands made by blackmailers, the High Court in London has...
British Bloke Accused Of Being Dark Overlord Hacker Gangs Blackmailer Finally Gets His Free Trip* To America
18th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
* Terms of stay non-negotiable following extradition. Some imprisonment required. He denies any wrongdoing A British man believed to be an instrumental member of the Dark Overlord hacking crew has been extradited to the US for...
Das Reboot: Uni Forces 38,000 Students, Staff To Queue, Show Their Papers For Password Reset Following Cyber Attack
18th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
School in Germany rolls out credential refresh with printed ID requirement Tens of thousands of students and staff at a university in Germany had to queue up this week after a malware infection on its campus network forced the college to...
FYI: FBI Raiding NSAs Global Wiretap Database To Probe US Citizens Probably Illegal, Unconstitutional, Court Says
18th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
A data silo we didnt know existed until a certain IT admin went rogue Analysis  The FBI is likely breaking the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches, when it investigates domestic crimes using an NSA database created...
Medical Biz LifeLabs Fesses Up: Hackers Slurped 15 Million Customer Records – And We Paid Them To Hand It All Back
18th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
Stick a fork in 2019, were done, eh Canadian medical testing specialist LifeLabs says miscreants were able to break into its corporate network and access systems containing the sensitive and personal records of 15 million customers.…...
You Leak Our Secrets? Well Leak Your Book Sales, Speech Fees – Into Our Coffers: Uncle Sam Wins Royalties Fight Against Edward Snowden
18th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
Merry Christmas! A federal judge has ruled that the US government can collect royalties from the sale of ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowdens memoir Permanent Record and any fees from related public speeches.…
Jet2 Hacker Who Deleted Every Account On UK Companys Domain Cops 5 Months In Jail
18th Dec 2019 [one month ago] from The Register
Insider threat: Ex-techie took just 13 minutes to almost wreak havoc The man who hacked northern England airline Jet2 will spend five months in prison after what a Crown court judge called "the highest level of seriousness" of...
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