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Security News from 'The Register'
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Are US Border Cops Secretly Secreting GPS Trackers On Vehicles Without A Warrant? EFF Lawyers Want To Know
28th Aug 2019 [27 days ago] from The Register
Uncle Sam sued by rights warriors probing claims of silent snooping on suspicious rides The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has sued [PDF] the US Department of Homeland Security to find out more about a program where, it is claimed,...
Come On, Hackers, Do Your Worst ‒ Facebook Opens Portal Gizmo To Pwn2Own Exploit Fest
28th Aug 2019 [27 days ago] from The Register
Thousands of dollars and new kit up for grabs if you can blow a hole in Zucks video-conf gear Facebook is opening its Portal videoconferencing hardware to hackers for the first time at the upcoming Pwn2Own Tokyo competition.…
Time To Spin The Wheel Of Pwnage! This Week, Malware Can Infect Your…. Android Set-top Box!
28th Aug 2019 [27 days ago] from The Register
IoT botnets move into the home theater market in search of low-hanging fruit Set-top tuner boxes have become the infection vector in the spread of Internet of Things malware.…
Dixons Hits Back At McAfees £30m Antivirus Sueball: Your AV Didnt Work On Windows 10S
28th Aug 2019 [27 days ago] from The Register
And thats why we flirted with your nemesis Symantec, Brit retailer claims Brit retailer Dixons has lashed back at McAfees £30m High Court broadside, saying it was entitled to promote rival antivirus (AV) tech from Symantec if McAfee’s...
Android PDF App With Just 100m Downloads Caught Sneaking Malware Into Mobes
27th Aug 2019 [27 days ago] from The Register
Scram CamScanner, says Kaspersky An Android PDF maker with more than 100 million downloads from the official Play Store has been caught silently installing malware on victims phones.…
We Will Hack Back If You Tamper With Our Shiz, NATO Declares To Worlds Black Hats
27th Aug 2019 [28 days ago] from The Register
Starting a war over stopped trams? Unlikely, says intelligence boffin NATOs secretary-general has once again declared that members of the alliance will respond with force to cyber-attacks, in line with Article 5 of its founding...
Yes, TfL Asked People To Write Down Their Oyster Passwords – But Dont Worry, They Didnt Inhale
27th Aug 2019 [28 days ago] from The Register
About your data breach the other day, lads... Transport for London is looking at ways to improve its processes after a Register reader queried why he was being asked to write down his password on a paper form for railway staff to...
Cant Bear To Part With That Well-worn Copy Of Windows 7? Microsoft Might Let You Keep It Updated An Extra Year
26th Aug 2019 [29 days ago] from The Register
EA and ESA subscribers can get 12 free months of updates With Windows 7s official retirement less than five months away, Redmond is offering some business customers a way to squeeze a bit more life out of the beloved OS.…
Breaking News: Apple Un-breaks Break On Jailbreak Break
26th Aug 2019 [29 days ago] from The Register
The fix for the fix is in Apple has issued an update to address a potentially serious security flaw it re-opened in the latest version of iOS.…
Fraught Naut Who Sought Consorts Report Says: I Was Up To Naught, I Will Thwart Fault Tort
26th Aug 2019 [29 days ago] from The Register
NASA space ace accused of hacking ex-wifes bank account mid-orbit and mid-divorce A NASA astronaut has been accused of breaking into her wifes bank account while working aboard the International Space Station.…
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