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Security News from 'The Register'
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Uncle Sam Accuses Three Suspected North Korean Govt Hackers Of Stealing $1.3bn+ From Banks, Crypto Orgs
17th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Oh yes, and hacking Hollywood, allegedly Three suspected North Korean military intelligence hackers have been charged with, among other things, conspiring to loot more than $1.3bn (£938m) from banks, ATMs, and cryptocurrency companies,...
You’ve Got Millions Of Open-source Software Components To Choose From... And So Do Cybercriminals
17th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Just who is running your favourite project these days? Sponsored  In November 2020, the JavaScript registry npm flashed a security advisory that a library called twilio-npm harboured malicious code which could backdoor any machine it was...
You Dont Have Clearance For That: Microsoft Ups The Paranoia With A Preview Of Azure Firewall Premium
17th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Reassuring the regulators Microsoft has unveiled a preview of Azure Firewall Premium, aimed at highly sensitive and regulated environments.…
Think Your Backups Will Protect You From Ransomware? What Do You Think The Malware Attacked First?
17th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Immutablity or vulnerability – it’s your choice Webcast  If you think your backup strategy means you’re protected from the worst that cyber-criminals can throw at you, we’ve got some bad news. Ransomware creators know all about...
Soviet Enigma Cipher Machine Sells For $22k At Collapsed Museums Exhibits Auction
17th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
James Bond? Inspector Gadget? Yup, all here A Soviet equivalent of Nazi Germanys Enigma cipher machine has sold for more than double its auction asking price – while a secret camera disguised as a pack of cigarettes went for nearly...
Palo Alto Networks Drops $156m To Absorb DevSecOps Firm Bridgecrew
17th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Open-source stuff stays for now, company promises Palo Alto Networks (PAN) has described its $156m buy of cloudy DevSecOps biz Bridgecrew as a "key bet" at a time when the world has never been more reliant on off-premises computing.…
LastPass To Limit Fans Of Free Password Manager To One Device Type Only – Computer Or Mobile – From Next Month
16th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Cough up if you want to use it with your laptop and phone Password manager LastPass has changed its terms and conditions to limit the free version of its code work on a single device type only per user, seemingly in an effort to force free...
SHAREit App For Android Said To Share Way Too Much: Billion-download Code With Holes No One Wants To Fix
16th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Trend Micro claims software is full of security flaws that allow data out and malware in Trend Micro has published a report claiming that data-sharing Android app SHAREit, which has over a billion downloads, contains multiple vulnerabilities...
Frances Cyber-agency Says Centreon IT Management Software Sabotaged By Russian Sandworm
16th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Web hosts infiltrated for up to three years in attack that somewhat resembles SolarWinds mess France’s Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes dinformation (ANSSI), the nation’s cyber-security agency, has identified a years-long...
UK Watchdog Fines Two Firms £270k For Cold-calling 531,000 People Who Had Opted Out
15th Feb 2021 [2 months ago] from The Register
Ah, the old liquidate your company trick. Classic Another month and two more British companies behind nuisance marketing calls are collectively facing a £270,000 penalty for breaking the law by calling people registered by the Telephone...
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