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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Meural’s Revamped Canvas II Wireless Photo Frame Lets You Decorate Your Wall With Priceless Works Of Art
6th Sep 2019 [13 days ago] from PCWorld
The revamped photo frame from Netgear-owned Meural promises better Wi-Fi, greater energy efficiency, and even an optional subscription service of digital masterpieces.
The U.S.-bound Dual-screen LG G8X ThinQ Is Like An SNL Parody Of The Galaxy Fold
6th Sep 2019 [13 days ago] from PCWorld
While all eyes are on Samsung and its next-gen Galaxy Fold that transforms from a 4.6-inch phone to a 7.3-inch tablet, LG has its own idea of what a folding phone should be. And it’s almost charming in its immaturity.Instead of a revolutionary...
The Best 1440p Graphics Card For PC Gaming
6th Sep 2019 [13 days ago] from PCWorld
Most people play on 1080p monitors and aspire to game in 4K, but here in 2019, 2560x1440 resolution is the PC gaming sweet spot. 1440p provides a big leap in visual fidelity over 1080p, yet it won’t melt your graphics card as ferociously...
HDHomeRun Scribe Quatro And Servio Review: Great Video Quality, But Clunky Software
6th Sep 2019 [13 days ago] from PCWorld
HDHomeRuns whole-home DVR hardware, the Scribe and Servio, streams broadcasts in native quality on the cheap, but the software is still too crude.
Acer Nitro 5 (17-inch, AN517-51-56YW) Review: Heres Your Cheap Fortnite Laptop
6th Sep 2019 [13 days ago] from PCWorld
In the field of low-end gaming laptops, Acer’s latest Nitro 5 (model AN517-51-56YW) is about as budget as they come. But for $880, you don’t need more than what the Acer Nitro 5 offers to play Fortnite and Apex Legends at 1080p and...
Microsoft Streamlines 19H2 Builds As Windows 10s Fall Update Nears
5th Sep 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
With a month or so to go before Microsoft drops the scheduled Windows 10 “19H2” update, the company may be signaling that work is winding down.Recall that Microsoft began setting the stage for 19H2 in July, positioning the fall update...
Microsoft Will Patch Windows 10 CPU-spike Bug, And Says Its Tied To Disabling Web Search
5th Sep 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
Users who have disabled web searching under Windows Search and have suffered CPU spikes as a result will have to wait at least until mid-September for a patch.A “small number of users” have seen a spike in CPU consumption after installing...
Lenovos Yoga C740 And C940 Laptops Feature Both Ice Lake And Comet Lake CPUs
5th Sep 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
The Fall harvest has brought us new crop of Lenovo Yoga laptops. This season, the password is "10th gen." PCWorld walks you through a stack of 10th gen laptops and tells you which one is the most 10th-gen of the 10th gens.At the more affordable...
Lenovos Marvel Dimension Of Heroes Lets You Play Marvel Superheroes In AR
5th Sep 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
Two years ago, Lenovo teamed up with Disney to launch an augmented-reality version of Star Wars, known as Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. Today, Disney’s offering its other blockbuster franchise, Marvel, a chance at AR with Marvel Dimension...
Dynabook Launches 15-inch Thin-and-light Tecra X50 Notebook With Some Big Conveniences
5th Sep 2019 [14 days ago] from PCWorld
Larger laptops are typically big, weighty machines, pushing into the territory of mobile workstations. Dynabook, however, is announcing the Tecra X50, a “thin and light” 15.6-inch notebook that delivers big-screen convenience without...
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