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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Samsungs One UI: Six Tips And Tricks For Mastering Android 9 On The Galaxy S9 And S10
27th Feb 2019 [19 days ago] from PCWorld
If your Galaxy S9 was recently updated or you’re planning to buy an S10, then you need to get acquainted with Samsung’s One UI. A complete overhaul of the Samsung Experience 9.5, it brings a stylish interface, redesigned apps, and a...
USB 3.2s Horrible New Branding Scheme May Create Confusion For PC Buyers
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
The USB standard has just gotten even more confusing for end users. If youre one of the three people in the world who actually knew the difference between USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Gen 1/Gen 2, and so on, ...well, sorry: USB 3.2 has been...
Windows 10 Should Never Reboot Your PC Without Your Express Permission, Researchers Conclude
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
If you think Windows should never, ever update while you’re using it, a new survey by the University College, London agrees with you.In a survey of 93 participants, the study found that Windows 10 Home’s WIndows Update patching experience...
Write Flawless Emails With WhiteSmoke, Now 80% Off ($60)
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
Few writers can produce error-free work on a consistent basis. With the WhiteSmoke writing assistant, however, anyone can produce flawless prose each and every time they write. And, now is the perfect time to get it as the lifetime premium...
This $35 Training Bundle Will Help You Get Certified In AWS
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
Our world is becoming more connected by the day, and we have cloud computing to thank for that. Among the many cloud computing solutions out there, Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains one of the most popular, making learning it a must if...
3 Obstacles That Folding Phones Like The Samsung Galaxy Fold And Huawei Mate X Need To Overcome
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
In just a few months, the first folding phones will be available for sale, and if you have a couple thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you can buy one for your very own. But while those first few buyers will be the talk of...
Apple Needs To Get Into The Folding Game And Save Us From Years Of Bad Phones
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
I spent some time with the Huawei Mate X, and I have one takeaway: Apple, please make a folding phone.
Seize Control Of Your Finances! Get Intuits TurboTax Deluxe And Quicken Deluxe For Just $60
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
It’s that dreaded time of year again—tax season. If you still need to file yours, it might be time to get a little help, courtesy of tax accounting software. And today, you can save a little money even before your return, with a discount...
Lenovos ThinkVision M14 Is A Compelling Thin-and-light USB-C Monitor For ThinkPad Fans
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
Lenovo’s ThinkVision M14 is a thin, light, USB-C-powered portable monitor that pairs perfectly with the company’s iconic matte black ThinkPads. The 14-inch, 1920x1080-resolution panel shines bright at a solid 300 nits, providing plenty...
Keep Your Smartphone Charged For Cheap With Amazons One-day Power Bank Sale
26th Feb 2019 [20 days ago] from PCWorld
It’s a great day for powering up your mobile life. Amazon is throwing a one-day sale on RavPower power banks and chargersRemove non-product link. The sale isn’t particularly big, with only five items included, but if you need a mobile...
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