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Security News from 'Topix'
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Australia Anti-encryption Law Rushed To Passage
7th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
A newly enacted law rushed through Australia s parliament will compel technology companies such as Apple , Facebook and Google to disable encryption protections so police can better pursue terrorists and other criminals. Cybersecurity experts...
Employers May Be Liable For The Release Of Employees Personally...
7th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
It seems that reports of hackers breaching a businesss security measures to obtain customer information appear on an almost weekly basis. Unfortunately, businesses need to worry not only about the unauthorized access of customer data by...
Claiming Hacking Of Network, Lebanon Condemns IDF Warnings To Its Civilians
7th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
In letter to UN Security Council, Beiruts envoy accuses Jerusalem of making a direct threat to Lebanese lives; Israel slams hypocrisy, say calls designed to avert casualties Israeli soldiers show UNIFIL commander Maj. Gen. Stefano Del Col...
Verint Systems (VRNT) Versus Convergys (CVG) Critical Survey
7th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
Verint Systems and Convergys are both computer and technology companies, but which is the better stock? We will contrast the two companies based on the strength of their dividends, analyst recommendations, institutional ownership, risk,...
Congratulations, Australian Government! Youve Just Destroyed The Worlds Data Privacy
7th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
Pretty much every single person in the tech industry, human rights circles, and academia warned the Australian government that forcing online platforms to weaken encryption would lead to disastrous results. Nonetheless, lawmakers are pushing...
Financial Institutions Targeted By London Blue Hackers Group
7th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
A cyber threat detection company has identified a Nigerian-based hacking group that is engaging in a spearphising campaign against financial institutions . Spearphishing is a directed email phishing campaign that is typically aimed at those...
Update Your Apple Gadgets Now Because Hackers Could Take Control Of Them
6th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
In an unusual warning, the departments National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center said hackers could seize control of victims devices. It told users to update their iPhone , Apple TV and Mac Computer - as well as calling...
Safari Is Getting USB Security In Its Latest Preview Build
6th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
If youre relying on passwords - especially ones that you reuse - youre something of an easy target for hackers. Data breaches are just a fact of internet life, and while password managers can help a fair bit, two-factor authentication can...
6th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
Mysearchency.com is the PUP that uses misleading techniques to prevent removal. Use Reimage to locate malicious components and get rid of them faster than with uninstall instructions.
A.G. Underwood Announces Prison Sentence For Wall Street Financier For Financial Fraud
6th Dec 2018 [9 months ago] from Topix
December 5, 2018 - Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood today announced the sentencing of Anthony Nyame, 59, of the Bronx, for stealing over $3.5 million from multiple victims in financial fraud schemes. In one scheme, Nyame stole hundreds...
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