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Security News from 'ZDNet'
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Zoom Defends Use Of Local Web Server On Macs After Security Report
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
Local web server will also reportedly reinstall Zoom if a user removes the application
Microsoft Admitted To Private Linux Developer Security List
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
Linux developers recognize Microsofts contributions to Linux and security -- by letting the companys Linux developers in its closed linux-distro security list.
The Worlds Most Famous And Dangerous APT (state-developed) Malware
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
A list of the most dangerous, effective, and most well-known malware strains that have been developed by the cyber-security units of various countries intelligence and military branches.
Microsoft Warns About Astaroth Malware Campaign
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
New hard-to-detect Astaroth campaigns spotted using fileless execution and living-off-the-land techniques.
Singapore Wants More Details On Facebook Libra Before Deciding On Regulatory Response
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
Countrys central bank remains in talks with Facebook and wants more details on how the US social media platform plans to implement its cryptocurrency before exploring potential legislation.
Brazil To Add Digital Data Protection To Fundamental Rights
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
A proposal has been approved to put protection of personal information in digital platforms in the individual guarantees secured by the constitution.
Fieldwork Software Database Leak Exposed Sensitive SMB Records, Customer Credit Card Details
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
Once in a blue moon, however, the owner of leaky servers will take warnings seriously.
FBI, ICE Plunder DMV Driver Database ‘gold Mine’ For Facial Recognition Scans
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
The agencies are reportedly harvesting driver license imagery without citizen or lawmaker consent.
GDPR: Record British Airways Fine Shows How Data Protection Legislation Is Beginning To Bite
8th Jul 2019 [8 days ago] from ZDNet
The ICOs proposed £183m fine should act as a wake-up call for other organisations: make sure youre cybersecurity and data protection policies are GDPR-compliant - or you could be next.
GDPR: British Airways Faces Record £183m Fine For Customer Data Breach
8th Jul 2019 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
Information Commissioners Office intends to fine airline for“poor security arrangements” - British Airways says its “surprised and disappointed” by planned penalty.
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