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Security News from 'The Register'
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Like A Virgin, Snatched For The Very First Time... UK Broadband ISP Spills 900,000 Punters Records Into Wrong Hands From Insecure Database
5th Mar 2020 [26 days ago] from The Register
Contact info and more, perfect for phishing Virgin Media, one of the UKs biggest ISPs, on Thursday admitted it accidentally spilled 900,000 of its subscribers personal information online via a poorly secured internet-facing...
Android Users, If You Could Pause Your COVID-19 Panic Buying For One Minute To Install These Critical Security Fixes, That Would Be Great
5th Mar 2020 [26 days ago] from The Register
MediaTek chipset flaw already exploited in the wild Google has emitted its latest monthly batch of Android security fixes, addressing a total of 70 CVE-listed vulnerabilities.…
Lets Encrypt: OK, Maybe Nuking Three Million HTTPS Certs At Once Was A Tad Ambitious, Lets Take Time Out
5th Mar 2020 [27 days ago] from The Register
Online security initiative halts hurried purge to accommodate reality Lets Encrypt has halted its plans to cancel three million flawed web security certificates after fearing the move may effectively break a chunk of the internet for...
Staffer Emails Compromised And Customer Details Exposed In T-Mobile USs Third Data Whoopsie In As Many Years
5th Mar 2020 [27 days ago] from The Register
And there it is – exactly what telco was fretting over in FY19 results US telco giant T-Mobile has suffered an attack that could have spaffed customer information far and wide.…
Unfixable Boot ROM Security Flaw In Millions Of Intel Chips Could Spell Utter Chaos For DRM, File Encryption, Etc
5th Mar 2020 [27 days ago] from The Register
Although exploitation is like shooting a lone fish in a tiny barrel 1,000 miles away A slit in Intels security – a tiny window of opportunity – has been discovered, and its claimed the momentary weakness could be one day exploited to...
Enable That MF-ing MFA: 1.2 Million Azure Active Directory Accounts Compromised Every Month, Reckons Microsoft
5th Mar 2020 [27 days ago] from The Register
Really high number could be fixed by using multi-factor authentication Microsoft reckons 0.5 per cent of Azure Active Directory accounts as used by Office 365 are compromised every month.…
Sadly, The Web Has Brought A Whole New Meaning To The Phrase Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted
5th Mar 2020 [27 days ago] from The Register
Well, isnt this a lovely paranoid bed weve made for ourselves Column  "Hey there," the message begins. Out of the blue over Skype, someone I hadnt communicated with in nearly a year reaches out.…
Time To Limber Up In The Battle Against Cybercriminals
4th Mar 2020 [27 days ago] from The Register
Building a culture of security Sponsored  Ask anyone in IT what it is that keeps them awake at night and most will probably reply “security”. Drill down into what specifically worries them and you’ll probably discover that it’s...
Alleged Vault 7 Leaker Trial Finale: Want To Know The CIAs Password For Its Top-secret Hacking Tools? 123ABCdef
4th Mar 2020 [27 days ago] from The Register
Tales of terrible security, poor compartmentalization, and more, emerges from the Joshua Schulte hearings Analysis  The fate of the man accused of leaking top-secret CIA hacking tools – software that gave the American spy agency access...
Download This Update From Mybrowser.microsoft.com. Oh, Sorry, That Was Malware On A Hijacked Sub-domain. Oops
4th Mar 2020 [28 days ago] from The Register
Lax DNS leaves door wide open for miscreants to impersonate Windows giant on its own websites If you saw a link to mybrowser.microsoft.com, would you have trusted it? Downloaded and installed an Edge update from it? How about identityhelp.microsoft.com...
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