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Security News from 'The Register'
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Sorry, We Havent ACLU What Happened In Sealed Facebook Decryption Case, But Lets Find Out
29th Nov 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
American Civil Liberties Union wants to know what govt asked for, and why court refused The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a motion to find out what went on in a court case in which the US Department of Justice allegedly...
Symantec Comes Out In Swinging In Bitter Legal Battle Over Security Bug Audit Conspiracy Claims
29th Nov 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
Profit driving NSS claims of industry boycott, antivirus makers swear Symantec says the biz that accused it of conspiring with others to avoid independent security audits is "less than honest" and driven by a "thirst for profits."…
Oh My Chord! Sennheiser Hits Bum Note With Major HTTPS Certificate Cock-up
28th Nov 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
Audiophiles could get played like a fiddle, have their web traffic snooped by son-of-a-pitch scammers Headphone maker Sennheiser is facing the music after being caught compromising the security of its customers.…
What The Dell? Customer Passwords Reset After Miscreants Try To Break Into Big Mikes Big Store
28th Nov 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
Round Rock insists nobody got pwned in network security breach attempt Dell is resetting all customer passwords on its website after spotting hackers trying to infiltrate its internal network.…
WhamWham, Bambam, No Thank You, SamSam: Iranians Accused By The Feds Of Orchestrating Ransomware Outbreak
28th Nov 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
Duo raked in $6m in extortion payments after scrambling victims files, it is claimed US prosecutors have this week charged two people believed to be behind the notorious SamSam ransomware outbreak.…
US Told To Quit Sharing Data With Human Rights-violating Surveillance Regime. Which One, You Ask? Thatd Be The UK
28th Nov 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
Nonprofits urge Congress not to sign deal under CLOUD Act UK authorities should not be granted access to data held by American companies because British laws dont meet human rights obligations, nine nonprofits have said.…
Its A Patch Bonanza As Microsoft Showers Its OS Platforms With Update Love
28th Nov 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
Administrators really hate this one weird bug in Windows Server 2016, but MS plays nice iCloud again Microsoft issued a whole bunch of updates last night, including one to deal with an alarming bug in Windows Server 2016.…
Hot Fuzz: Bug Detectives Whip Up Smarter Version Of Classic AFL Fuzzer To Hunt Code Vulnerabilities
28th Nov 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
Flaw-spotting toolkit already has 42 zero-days to its name A group of university researchers from around the globe have teamed up to develop what they say is a powerful new tool to root out security flaws.…
3ve Offline: Countless Windows PCs Using 1.7m IP Addresses Hacked To Click On Up To 12 Billion Adverts A Day
27th Nov 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
Feds, Google, security orgs dismantle fraud botnet, eight people charged A collection of cybersecurity companies, Google, and the Feds are sharing details on how they uncovered and dismantled a massive ad-fraud operation known as "3ve"...
Baroness Trumpington, Former Bletchley Park Clerk, Dies Aged 96
27th Nov 2018 [20 days ago] from The Register
They dont make them like her any more Obit  Baroness Trumpington, a wartime Bletchley Park transcriber who was part of the push to posthumously pardon Alan Turing, has died aged 96.…
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