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Security News from 'Topix'
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How A VPN Can Enhance Company Network Security
10th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
In todays world it isnt enough to ensure your employees dont publicly discuss private company information. Thats because there are those out there who have figured out how to access your sensitive information.
Argentine Hacker Mods Furby So It Quotes Borges, Creates A Borgy
9th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
Argentine hacker [Roni Bandini] modded a 1998 Furby so that it responds to stimulus by rattling off a random quote from Jorge Luis Borges. He calls it "Borgy."
5 Hacker-proof Tactics For Travelers
9th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
Its the happiest time of the year. Its also the busiest time of the year. Your life is full of distractions, especially if youre on the road, or stuck in airports, or browsing shopping malls only a few days before Christmas.
Zacks Investment Research Downgrades Trend Micro (TMICY) To Sell
9th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
According to Zacks, "Trend Micro Incorporated is engaged in providing endpoint, messaging and Web security software and services. It develops security solutions that protects against a wide range of insidious threats and combined attacks...
Thousands Of Emails Stolen From Republican Committees Aides
9th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
In this Nov. 1, 2017, file photo, traffic along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington streaks past the Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters building. The National Republican Congressional Committee said Tuesday that it was hit with...
Encryption-busting Law Passed In Australia May Have Global Privacy Implications
9th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
New legislation from Australia could have global consequences for security and privacy on the internet. Controversial laws have been passed which oblige tech companies to allow the police to access encrypted messages, undermining the privacy...
Rockaway Twp. Police Computer Hacker Still Unknown More Than Two...
8th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
More than two weeks later many are mad that they dont have more information about the hack that brought down police computer systems. Rockaway Twp.
IIT-Kharagpur Wins DSCI Excellence Award
8th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
The institute was awarded for its focused curricula and research work in cryptography, hardware security, cyber security, network security, that has helped create awareness among students, an IIT KGP statement said The institute was awarded...
3 Top Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019
8th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
Making an informed prediction first requires us to think back on 2018. The year started with a big bang-Spectre and Meltdown .
Australia Just Voted To Ban Working Cryptography. No, Really.
8th Dec 2018 [10 months ago] from Topix
Remember when Malcolm Turnbull, the goddamned idiot who was briefly Prime Minister of Australia, was told that the laws of mathematics mean that there was no way to make a cryptography system that was weak enough that the cops could use...
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