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Security News from 'SecurityWeek'
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Know Your Options When Dealing With Alert Overload
15th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Last month marked the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Most of us watched at least one special and the TV images at the time were so grainy it’s striking, given our high-resolution screens of today. We’ve gone from tiny...
Millions Of Unencrypted Fingerprint And Facial Biometrics Found On Unsecured Database
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Yet another database of personal information has been found on an unsecured server. This one stands out for its size, the range of unencrypted PII it contains, and the inclusion of vast numbers of biometric records. read more
Kaspersky Makes Changes After Products Raise Privacy Concerns
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Kaspersky has made some changes to the way its products check web pages for malicious activity after a researcher discovered an issue that could have been exploited to track users online. read more
DLL Hijacking Flaws Patched In Trend Micro Password Manager
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Trend Micro recently patched a couple of DLL hijacking vulnerabilities in Password Manager that could allow malicious actors to escalate privileges, make their malware persistent, and to load and execute their payloads via a signed service. read...
Focus On Use Cases To Improve Security Operations
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
There was a time when the term “use case” was confined to product development meetings where software and systems engineers worked through defining why and how a product would be used in order to create requirements. Use cases remain...
Owners Of Fake Tech Company Plead Guilty To Fraud Charges
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Two Florida men have pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges filed in southern Illinois, where they targeted people with fake technical support services. Michael Austin Seward of Deerfield Beach and Kevin James McCormick of Delray Beach admitted...
Feds: Capital One Suspect May Have Hacked 30-Plus Companies
14th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Federal prosecutors say a woman charged in a massive data breach at Capital One may have hacked more than 30 other organizations. read more
New Bluetooth Vulnerability Allows Attackers To Intercept Traffic
14th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
A KNOB (key negotiation of Bluetooth) attack against the basic rate/enhanced data rate (BR/EDR, or Bluetooth Classic) configuration can result in information disclosure and/or escalation of privileges. read more
SAP Patches Highest Number Of Critical Flaws Since 2014
14th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
SAP’s Security Patch Day updates for August 2019 address three new critical vulnerabilities affecting the company’s products. This is the highest number of critical flaws fixed on the same day since 2014. read more
British Airways Criticized For Exposing Passenger Flight Details
14th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from SecurityWeek
British Airways (BA) has been criticized for allowing hackers easy access to customer flight information. The issue was exposed Tuesday by researchers who discovered "a vulnerability affecting British Airways e-ticketing system that exposes...
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