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Security News from 'SecurityWeek'
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Exposed Twilio SDK Abused For Malvertising Attack
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company Twilio this week disclosed a security incident that resulted in hackers uploading a modified version of the TaskRouter JS SDK to its site. The incident happened on July 19 and was...
Risk Assessment Company CyCognito Raises $30 Million
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
CyCognito, a company that focuses on identifying and eliminating shadow risks in business environments, has closed a $30 million Series B funding round. To date, the company raised $53 million. read more
Apple Offers Hackable IPhones To Security Researchers
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Apple this week kicked off another initiative meant to improve the security of iPhones, by offering hackable phones to security researchers. read more
Facebook Unveils New Privacy, Security Features For Messenger
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Facebook on Wednesday unveiled new privacy and security features for its Messenger application. read more
Emerging Threats During Times Of Crisis: Insights From Airbus Cybersecuritys Phil Jones
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Opportunistic attackers are taking advantage of rapidly changing work environments and stretched security teams to launch a surge in attacks. While...
Multi-Platform Malware Framework Linked To North Korean Hackers
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Kaspersky’s security researchers have identified a multi-platform malware framework that they believe North Korea-linked hackers have been leveraging in attacks over the past couple of years. read more
Researchers Disclose New Methods For Replacing Content In Signed PDF Files
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
A team of researchers from the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany has disclosed a series of new attack methods against signed PDF files. read more
Twitter Says Hackers Accessed DM Inboxes In Recent Attack
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Twitter on Wednesday revealed that attackers accessed the direct message (DM) inboxes of some of the accounts that were compromised in last week’s security incident. read more
Regulators Urge Video Conferencing Companies To Improve Security, Privacy
23rd Jul 2020 [12 days ago] from SecurityWeek
In an open letter this week, six data protection and privacy regulators from around the world have asked video teleconferencing (VTC) organizations to focus on security and privacy-by-design. read more
Open Source Tool Checks SAP Systems For RECON Attack IOCs
22nd Jul 2020 [13 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Onapsis on Wednesday announced the release of an open source tool that helps organizations determine if their SAP systems are vulnerable to RECON attacks and checks if they may have already been targeted. read more
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