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Security News from 'The Register'
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Got A Pre-A12 IPhone? Love Jailbreaks? Happy Friday! Unpatchable Tethered Boot ROM Exploit Released
27th Sep 2019 [22 days ago] from The Register
Coder claims iThings older than two years can be unlocked from Apples clutches A programmer claims to have found a way to execute arbitrary code on recent-ish iPhones and iPads, paving the way for full-blown tethered jailbreaks.…
Whats That Smell? Perfume Merchant Senses The Scent Of A Digital Burglary
27th Sep 2019 [22 days ago] from The Register
Fragrance Direct discovers malicious code that led to leakage of customer data Online merchant fragrancedirect.co.uk has confirmed a miscreant broke into its systems and made off with a raft of customers’ personal data, including payment...
Pupil Mental Health Monitor Promises App Rewrite After Hardcoded Login Creds Discovered
27th Sep 2019 [22 days ago] from The Register
You Steer-ed into some potential trouble there Exclusive  A British firm whose mobile apps monitor the mental state of 35,000 British schoolchildren is having to rewrite them after researchers found hardcoded login credentials within.…...
DoorDash Doesnt Just Pick Up Your Food Orders, It Delivers Your Data To Hackers, Too
26th Sep 2019 [23 days ago] from The Register
Profile info on 5 million users, including ordering history, hashed passwords, plus driver records, exposed to miscreants Gig-economy delivery app maker DoorDash is so, so sorry this Thursday after hackers gained access to nearly five million...
Accept Certain Inalienable Truths: Prices Will Rise, Politicians Will Philander... And US Voting Machines Will Be Physically Insecure
26th Sep 2019 [23 days ago] from The Register
DEF CON dossier reveals: You are not as secure as you imagine The Unites States electronic ballot boxes are as vulnerable as ever to physical tampering by hackers. So says this years DEF CON Voting Village Report, which summarizes the findings...
Tune In Next Month: Learn All About The Hackers Staring Down Singapore, Australia
26th Sep 2019 [23 days ago] from The Register
And, crucially, how you can thwart these next-gen miscreants and protect your org Webcast  We all know there are miscreants out there looking to break into our computer systems and steal our data – we even know how its done.…
Dunkin Do-nots: Deep-fried Cake Maker Didnt Let Its Sugar Addicts Know Crooks Raided Web Accounts, Says NY AG
26th Sep 2019 [23 days ago] from The Register
President facing impeachment probe, Brexit off the rails... but more importantly, your Dunkies account was potentially pwned The US state of New York is suing food chain Dunkin Donuts for what is says is an illegal lapse in computer...
Four Words From Cisco To Strike Fear Into The Most Hardened Techies: Guest Account As Root
26th Sep 2019 [23 days ago] from The Register
Now is a very good time to patch your estate Cisco has doled out yet more security updates for its IOS and IOS XE network operating systems, which, we are obliged to remind you, is its scheduled six-monthly patch run and not the usual "oh...
Now Uncle Sam Would Like A Word With Brit Teen TalkTalk Hacker About A Huge Crypto-coin Heist
26th Sep 2019 [23 days ago] from The Register
Someones popular! One of the teens behind the 2015 hack on UK telco TalkTalk has been indicted in the US over a huge cryptocurrency heist.…
TalkTalk Still Struggles To Shut Down Legacy Email Addresses On Request
26th Sep 2019 [23 days ago] from The Register
Another ex-customer struggles to get hacked account killed off Months after The Register first wrote about TalkTalk failing to close a former customers email address, the firm is still using the General Data Protection Regulation as an...
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