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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Microsoft, NSA Confirm Killer Windows 10 Bug, But A Patch Is Available
14th Jan 2020 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
As expected, Microsoft did reveal a fundamental flaw in Windows that affected Windows 10’s cryptographic library. January’s Patch Tuesday updates issued today, however, fix the issue, which is specific to Windows 10 and Windows Server. The...
A Revamped Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler Is Finally Here
14th Jan 2020 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
The Hyper 212 Evo is arguably the most popular CPU air cooler for the budget-minded crowd wanting to upgrade from the stock options—but it’s never been perfect. After years of accumulating feedback, Cooler Master is attempting to change...
Watch The Full Nerd Talk About The Death Of Windows 7 Live!
14th Jan 2020 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
Join The Full Nerd gang as they talk about the latest PC hardware topics. Todays show covers the death of Windows 7, the PC news after CES 2020, and all the questions we havent gotten to in the past month. As always we will be answering...
Update: Rumors Mount That A Major Bug Could Be Disclosed On The Day Microsoft Ends Support For Windows 7
14th Jan 2020 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
Security researcher Brian Krebs is warning that a particularly nasty bug may be patched on Tuesday, January 14—the day that support for Windows 7 is expected to expire. And it appears that Microsoft will have more the share later today.If...
The Full Nerd Ep. 120: AMD CPUs, Intel Discrete Graphics, And Our Favorite CES Picks
14th Jan 2020 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
Join the Full Nerd crew as Gordon Mah Ung, Alaina Yee, Adam Patrick Murray and special guest Keith May of WCCFTech discuss AMD’s jump into laptops, Intel’s jump into discrete graphics, and their favorite hardware of CES.How crazy does...
Guest Mode Disappears From Google Nest And Home Devices
14th Jan 2020 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
The Guest Mode feature, which allowed visitors to stream media to your Google smart speakers and displays without connecting to your Wi-Fi network, still works on Chromecast devices.
Tip: You Can Still Upgrade From Windows 7 To Windows 10 For Free
14th Jan 2020 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
It was a great ride, but today it’s over. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft ended the life of one of its greatest operating systems ever. Windows 7 is dead.Your computer will still power on, but it won’t receive any more security updates,...
Epics Weekly Free Game Giveaways Will Keep Going Throughout 2020
14th Jan 2020 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
If you thought Epic would stop giving away games at the end of 2019...well, by now you’ve probably realized that hasn’t happened. Instead the Epic Games Store kicked off 2020 by giving away three games the first week (Darksiders, Darksiders...
Lian Lis Smaller Take On Its Popular O11 Dynamic Is All About Room For Radiators
14th Jan 2020 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
The Lian Li O11D Mini we saw at CES in Las Vegas fills out a family. Nearly two years ago, Lian Li released the O11 Dynamic, a case born from collaboration with well-known overclocker Der8auer. The tempered glass ATX case allowed builders...
Bulbrite Solana Color-changing A19 Smart Bulb Review: A Fair Generic Built For Wi-Fi
14th Jan 2020 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
An immature app keeps Bulbrites color-changing smart bulb from meriting a strong recommendation.
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