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You Will Never, Never Get Your Credibility Back: Schumer Warns GOP That They Have No Right To Tell Democrats How To Run Things When Theyre The...
27th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
He warned Republicans that they now have no right to tell Democrats how to run a majority when the GOP are in the minority in the future.
Justice Kavanaugh Seems To Argue No Votes Should Be Counted After Election Day. He May Get His Wish In Key States.
27th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
The Supreme Court sided with Republicans in Wisconsin on Monday, ruling 5-3 along ideological lines that Wisconsin can count only those absentee ballots that arrive by Election Day — even if they were mailed days earlier. Since first-class...
White House Officials Claim Meadows Didnt Communicate With Staff For Days About Trumps Condition During COVID-19 Hospitalization
26th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows seems to have developed a strong rapport with President Trump, who has mostly bestowed effusive praise on the former congressman. But those sentiments arent shared by many Trump administration staffers...
In Setback For Democrats, Supreme Court Wont Let Late Mail Ballots Count In Wisconsin
26th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
Voting rights groups and the state and national Democratic parties had sued to extend the deadline.
Pence Will Not Preside Over Amy Coney Barrett Vote After Possible Coronavirus Exposure
26th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
Vice President Mike Pence will not preside over Mondays Senate vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.Pence is currently on the campaign trail and is scheduled to make a stop in Minnesota on Monday despite an outbreak...
Democrats Urge Swing-state Voters To Turn In Mail Ballots, Consider Bypassing Postal Service
26th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
Prominent Democrats told voters on Monday that if they have yet to send in their mail or absentee ballot, it might be better to take that ballot and cast it in person.
Column: Amy Coney Barretts Confirmation Was Shockingly Hypocritical. But There May Be A Silver Lining.
26th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
Barretts confirmation should finally convince American voters that Republicans dont deserve to control the U.S. Senate.
Caution And Confidence Keep Biden Close To Home In Final Days
26th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
The Democrat is gambling that his low profile amid the pandemic — compared to Trumps massive rallies and frenetic travel schedule — will pay off.
Head Of Virginia Military Academy Resigns Amid Report Of Racist Culture
26th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
J. H. Binford Peay III, who had been the institutes superintendent for 17 years, told its board he was stepping down after learning on Friday that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and "certain legislative leaders had lost confidence in my...
Trump Revives Sleepy Joe Attacks, But Gets The Facts Wrong
26th Oct 2020 [4 days ago] from Yahoo News
The president kicked off the first of three reelection rallies in Pennsylvania on Monday with his usual attack lines aimed at painting his Democratic opponent as cognitively challenged. But it was Trump who ended up looking confused.
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