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Security News from 'SecurityWeek'
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Iowa Grocery Chain Investigating Possible Hack Of Payment Processing Systems
16th Aug 2019 [7 days ago] from SecurityWeek
A West Des Moines, Iowa-based grocery chain that also operates restaurants, fuel-pumps and drive-thru coffee shops is warning its customers about a security incident involving some of its payment card systems. read more
Apple Sues Corellium Over Security Research Tool
16th Aug 2019 [7 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Apple has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Florida-based virtualization company Corellium for creating “perfect replicas” of iOS that can be used for security research and other purposes. read more
Uganda Slams Report Huawei Helped Spy On Opposition Leader
16th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Uganda on Friday denied a report that employees of Chinese telecom giant Huawei had aided a domestic spying operation targeting pop star turned opposition icon Bobi Wine. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Huawei technicians...
Many Users Dont Change Unsafe Passwords After Being Warned: Google
16th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Google has shared some interesting data collected by the company from users of its Password Checkup extension for Chrome. read more
Sherlock In The SOC: Leveraging Security Knowledge In A Behavior-Based Approach
16th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
“There is a strong family resemblance about misdeeds, and if you have all the details of a thousand at your finger ends, it is odd if you cant unravel the thousand and first.” read more
Cybersecurity Has Become A Political Issue For Americans, Survey Shows
16th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Americans have a pragmatic view towards cybersecurity. For example, while 86% believe that paying ransoms merely encourages more attacks, 70% accept that when organizations do pay, it is because they had no choice. But politicians should...
Many Apache Struts Security Advisories Updated Following Review
15th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Two dozen security advisories for the Apache Struts open source development framework have been updated after researchers determined that they contained incorrect information regarding which versions of the software were impacted by a vulnerability. read...
ECB Uncovers Data Breach In Bank Newsletter
15th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Hackers had access for months to the contact information of hundreds of financial industry subscribers to a European Central Bank newsletter, the Frankfurt institution said Thursday. "Unauthorised parties... breached the security measures...
Vulnerability Patched In Firefox Password Manager
15th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
The latest update released by Mozilla for Firefox patches a vulnerability that can be exploited to bypass the master password of the built-in password manager and obtain stored passwords. read more
Intel Patches High-Severity Flaws In Tools, NUC Firmware
15th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Some of the updates released by Intel as part of the August 2019 Patch Tuesday fix high-severity vulnerabilities in NUC firmware, the Processor Identification Utility, and the Computing Improvement Program. read more
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