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Security News from 'The Register'
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Fill The Gaps In Your Security Knowledge At SANS London April 2019
8th Jan 2019 [12 days ago] from The Register
New and tested training courses cover every angle Promo  As data thieves and hackers become more numerous, more inventive and more destructive, learning to protect themselves against cybercrime is ever higher on the list of companies...
German Student Said To Have Confessed To Mass Hack Of Local German Politicians
8th Jan 2019 [12 days ago] from The Register
Case not linked to international spying, reckon sources. Hmmm A 20-year-old German man has confessed to what that countrys media is calling "the Hacker Attack", a years-long data exfiltration campaign against politicians and others in public...
Linus Torvalds Opts For The Scream Test: Linux Kernel Syscall Tweaked To Shut Data-leak Hole – Anyone Upset, Yell Now
8th Jan 2019 [12 days ago] from The Register
And he did it without swearing... folks with broken programs may act otherwise The Linux kernel will be tweaked to mitigate data-stealing attacks that exploit system page caches.…
FYI: Twitters API Still Spews Enough Metadata To Reveal Exactly Where You Lived, Worked
7th Jan 2019 [12 days ago] from The Register
Old tweets betray sensitive data under new tools Analysis  Researchers have demonstrated yet again that location metadata from Twitter posts can be used to infer private information like users home addresses, workplaces, and sensitive...
Aussie Emergency Warning Network Hacked By Rank Amateurs
7th Jan 2019 [12 days ago] from The Register
More moron-crime than serious cyber-crime, your data is safe The operator of an Australian emergency warning service has denied that user information was breached after someone accessed its system to post “youve been hacked”...
She Will Lock You Out, Livin La Vidar Loca: Enterprising Crims Breed Ransomware, File Thief Into Hybrid Nasty
7th Jan 2019 [13 days ago] from The Register
Shell make you live her crazy life, but shell take away your pain like a bullet to your wallet A newly spotted piece of hybrid malware steals copies of victims files and then encrypts said data, demanding a ransom to unscramble it.…
LA Times Knocked Out, HackerOne Slips Up And - Amazingly - Router Security Still Sucks
5th Jan 2019 [15 days ago] from The Register
Plus, London Gatwick drone comedy quiets down Welcome to 2019, just a few days into the year and we already have Chromecast chaos, Skype backdoors, and a Weather Channel privacy suit.…
New Side-channel Leak: Boffins Bash Operating System Page Caches Until They Spill Secrets
4th Jan 2019 [15 days ago] from The Register
Novel data-siphoning attack is hardware agnostic Some of the computer security boffins who revealed last years data-leaking speculative-execution holes have identified yet another side-channel attack that can bypass security protections...
Fake Us! Phishing Creeps Use Homebrew Fonts As Message Ciphers To Evade Filters
4th Jan 2019 [15 days ago] from The Register
fg xjc dua ihut vyfq, xjc uih jci sfat jg mjggfa A new phishing campaign that uses a custom font to hide its tracks and evade detection has been uncovered.…
Stormy Times Ahead For IBM-owned Weather Channel App: LA Sues Over Location Data Slurp
4th Jan 2019 [16 days ago] from The Register
Privacy in the digital age is one of the most fundamental issues says city attorney The Weather Channel app duped users into providing location data that the company then sold for advertising and other commercial purposes, according to...
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