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Security News from 'The Register'
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US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo To Give UK A Bollocking Over Huawei 5G Plans
8th May 2019 [18 days ago] from The Register
And after that hes having tea with an archbishop. No, really America’s foreign secretary is to deliver a telling-off to the UK over the British government’s decision to maintain the Huawei status quo for 5G networks, according to...
Want Rootkit-level Access Without The Hassle? Enter, LightNeuron For Exchange Server
8th May 2019 [18 days ago] from The Register
Microsoft software-targeting malware gets commands from code hidden in attachments A recently uncovered malware infection uses the basic functions of Microsofts Exchange Server to remotely monitor and control computer systems.…
Airbnb Host Thrown In The Clink After Guest Finds Hidden Camera Inside Wi-Fi Router
7th May 2019 [18 days ago] from The Register
Perv messed with the wrong woman – an IT security bod An Airbnb "superhost" has been arrested and jailed after a guest discovered a camera hidden inside an internet router placed in the bedroom.…
And In This Weeks Weird News, Feds Seize Dark-web News Site, Accuses Admins Of Getting Rich Off Drug Cyber-souks
7th May 2019 [18 days ago] from The Register
Pair cuffed in Israel The administrators of a news website dedicated to the dark web have been arrested by the FBI and cops in Israel on suspicion of receiving commission for directing readers to a Tor-hidden souk that sold drugs and weapons.…...
Remember Those Stolen CIA Hacking Tools Leaked Online By The Shadow Brokers? The Chinese Had Them A Year Before
7th May 2019 [19 days ago] from The Register
Or so claims Symantec Months before CIA-built hacking tools were leaked to the public by a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, the exploit code was apparently being used by Chinese state hackers to infiltrate systems.…
Be Wary Of Emails With Links To ... Er, Google Drive? Is That Right?
7th May 2019 [19 days ago] from The Register
Alibaba, Azure and more used for badness, warns infosec biz Spammers are increasingly turning to common file-sharing and object storage services such as Google Drive and Microsoft Azure, in an attempt to evade ever-better corporate...
Software Delivered To Boeing Now Blamed For 737 MAX Warning Fiasco
7th May 2019 [19 days ago] from The Register
Engineers knew of problem in 2017. Management didnt until after fatal crash As the 737 MAX scandal rolls on, "software delivered to Boeing" has been blamed by the company for the malfunctioning of a safety display.…
NSA Foreign Spying, Biotech Snooping, Hamas Hackers Bombed, Airline Cams, And Much More From Infosec Land
6th May 2019 [19 days ago] from The Register
Quick-fire summary of the past few days of news Roundup  Welcome back, Brits, from your three-day Bank Holiday week. Allow us to catch you up on recent infosec comings and goings.…
FBI Nabs Top Exec On Allegations He Hacked A Competitor, Stole Info… About School Lunches?!
6th May 2019 [19 days ago] from The Register
The cutthroat world of childrens food in the spotlight After a year-long investigation, a top California exec has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly hacking into a competitors website and stealing their customer data in an effort to...
White House Issues Executive Order On Cybersecurity, Including Hacker Hunger Games
3rd May 2019 [22 days ago] from The Register
Lets the President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor "A year after the White House eliminated the position of cybersecurity coordinator, President Donald Trump called for everyone else to do...
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