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Americans Report US$13 Million In Losses From Coronavirus Scams
14th Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
The median loss to fraudulent schemes that exploit the global health crisis is almost US$600 The post Americans report US$13 million in losses from coronavirus scams appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Is “global Privacy” An Oxymoron?
14th Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
While in France, a citizen of Brazil who resides in California books a bungee jump in New Zealand. Is it a leap of faith into the unknown, for both the operator and the thrill-seeker? The post Is “global privacy” an oxymoron? appeared...
Zoom Security: Getting The Settings Right
10th Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
Here’s how you can greatly improve your Zoom privacy and security in a few simple steps The post Zoom security: Getting the settings right appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Ever Needed A Zoom Password? Probably Not. But Why Not?
9th Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
With Zoom – and Zoom-bombing – being all the rage, here’s why the app’s default password settings may be leaving the backdoor wide open The post Ever needed a Zoom password? Probably not. But why not? appeared first on...
Top Tips For Videoconferencing Security
8th Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
ESET Chief Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe shares advice on how to keep your virtual meet-ups private and safe while youre holed up at home during the pandemic The post Top tips for videoconferencing security appeared first on...
600,000 People Affected In Email Provider Breach
7th Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
The users personal data are now up for grabs on the dark web for anywhere between US$3,500 and US$22,000 worth of Bitcoin The post 600,000 people affected in email provider breach appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
What To Do You If Your Phone Is Lost Or Stolen
6th Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
Losing your smartphone can be expensive, but the cost of the device may not be the final price you’ll be paying The post What to do you if your phone is lost or stolen appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Zoom’s Privacy And Security Woes In The Spotlight
3rd Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
The company goes straight from basking in the glow of its near-overnight success to launching an all‑out effort to fix its privacy and security issues The post Zoom’s privacy and security woes in the spotlight appeared first on...
Work From Home: Securing RDP And Remote Access
2nd Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
As work from home is the new norm in the coronavirus era, you’re probably thinking of enabling remote desktop connections for your off-site staff. Here’s how to do it securely. The post Work from home: Securing RDP and remote access...
Marriott Hacked Again, 5.2 million Guests Affected
1st Apr 2020 [3 months ago] from ESET Research
Bad actors accessed a range of personally identifiable information, including names, dates of birth and a lot more The post Marriott hacked again, 5.2million guests affected appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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