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Security News from 'Guardian'
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Facebook Stored Hundreds Of Millions Of Passwords Unprotected
21st Mar 2019 [7 months ago] from Guardian
Company admits to mistake and says it has no evidence of abuse – but the risk was hugeFacebook mistakenly stored “hundreds of millions” of passwords in plaintext, unprotected by any encryption, the company has admitted.The mistake,...
Beto ORourke Was A Teenage Member Of Hacking Group Cult Of The Dead Cow
15th Mar 2019 [7 months ago] from Guardian
Democratic presidential candidate’s membership of group that invented the term ‘hacktivism’ may explain much about his approach to politics Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic presidential candidate, belonged as a teenager to the oldest...
Jeremy Hunt Vows To Step Up Fight Against Election Cyber-attacks
6th Mar 2019 [8 months ago] from Guardian
Foreign secretary to call for global action but say there is no proof of interference in UKJeremy Hunt is to promise the government will step up international efforts to prevent overseas cyber-attacks on elections, while insisting the UK...
Facebook Faces Backlash Over Users Safety Phone Numbers
4th Mar 2019 [8 months ago] from Guardian
Contact details supplied by users to enable two-factor authentication led to reduced privacyFacebook has been accused of abusing a security feature in order to weaken user privacy, after the social network was found using phone numbers...
Toyota Australia Says No Customer Data Taken In Attempted Cyber Attack
20th Feb 2019 [8 months ago] from Guardian
Carmaker says it’s working with international cybersecurity experts to get its systems up and running Toyota Australia has been the victim of an attempted cyber attack, but believes no employee or customer data was taken.The carmaker...
China Rejects Australian Parliament Cyber Attack Claims As Baseless And Irresponsible
18th Feb 2019 [8 months ago] from Guardian
Foreign ministry spokesman says speculation and sanctions will only ‘poison the atmosphere for cooperation’China has hit back at suggestions it was behind a sophisticated cyber attack on Australia’s political parties, warning “irresponsible”...
Australias Major Political Parties All Hacked By Sophisticated State Actor, PM Says
17th Feb 2019 [8 months ago] from Guardian
Scott Morrison says the Liberal, Labor and National parties were all affected by ‘malicious’ cyber activity Australia’s major political parties have been hacked by a “sophisticated state actor” according to Scott Morrison, as...
Is Huawei A Friend Or Foe In The Battle For 5G Dominance?
3rd Feb 2019 [9 months ago] from Guardian
While the UK woos China’s telecoms giant, fears grow over the risks it poses to national securityIf, according to an ancient Chinese proverb, “a crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind”, then Huawei is barrelling in on...
The 5G Wireless Revolution: Chips With Everything Podcast
1st Feb 2019 [9 months ago] from Guardian
We look at what to expect when 5G is rolled out in 2020 and how it could both help and hinder our livesLast month in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show showcased some of what we can expect from the tech world in 2019. This year’s...
How Can I Use Two-step Verification In A Mobile Blackspot?
21st Jan 2019 [9 months ago] from Guardian
I can’t access calls or texts and want to start protecting my email account from hackersYou have frequently advised readers to set up two-step verification to protect the security of their email system. We’d like to do this, but we...
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