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New Yorks Cuomo Pleads With Trump To Acknowledge COVID-19 As Major Problem
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
"So, Mr. President, dont be a co-conspirator of COVID," Cuomo said at a news briefing. "Acknowledge to the American people that COVID exists, it is a major problem, its going to continue until we admit it and each of us stands up to do...
China Detains Professor Who Criticised Xi Over Coronavirus
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
Chinese authorities on Monday detained a law professor who published essays criticising President Xi Jinping over the coronavirus pandemic and accusing him of ruling "tyrannically", according to friends of the man. Xu Zhangrun, a rare...
‘We Should Listen To The Argument’ For Removing George Washington Statues, Says Senator Duckworth
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
Senator Tammy Duckworth (D., Ill.) said that “we should listen to the argument for removing George Washington statues” in an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday. Statues of slave-owning historical figures such as George...
Exonerated Central Park Five Members Speak Out: ‘Not Too Many Things Have Changed Since 30 Years Ago’
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
In 1989, five Black and Hispanic teens were falsely accused of raping and nearly killing Trisha Meili, a white woman jogging in Central Park. Known collectively as the Central Park Five, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond...
White House Defends Trumps Claim That 99 Percent Of COVID-19 Cases Are Harmless With Chart Showing 5 Percent Are Fatal
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany came to her press briefing on Monday prepared to defend President Trump’s assertion that “99 percent” of U.S. coronavirus cases are “totally harmless” with two charts that inadvertently disproved...
Atlanta Mayor Orders Protesters To ‘Clear Out’ After 8-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
The mayor of Atlanta is forcing protesters to “clear out” of the Wendy’s where a police officer fatally shot Rayshard Brooks last month after a violent night that included a dozen shootings citywide and the death of an 8-year-old...
Confederate Monuments Coming Down In Virginia, But 2 Prominent Lee Statues Remain
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
Memorials to Robert E. Lee in Richmond and Charlottesville are stuck in legal battles despite public protests and the governors pledge.
Trumps Misreading The Map, Looking For Electoral College Votes In Some Of The Wrong Places
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
Analysis: The president is putting out fires in red states, while Bidens focused on a half dozen key battlegrounds.
A Rare Case Of Brain-eating Amoeba Has Been Confirmed In Florida. Officials Are Telling Residents To Avoid Tap Water, And To Swim With Nose...
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
The Florida Department of Health had to issue a warning for residents to avoid nasal contact with tap water.
Dont Count On Ever Seeing Trumps Garden Of American Heroes
6th Jul 2020 [3 days ago] from Yahoo News
Call me cynical, but I have a feeling the National Garden of American Heroes announced by President Trump on Friday will never get off — or into — the ground, even if he doesn’t put his son-in-law in charge of it. Establishing an...
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