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Security News from 'DeepSec'
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New Attack Vectors For The Mobile Core Networks
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
Structure of the talk: - Introduction & background - Introduction to interconnection network (What is it, how does it work) - Why is it important for all of us? - Where does it come from? (Basics to understand the problems) - Existing...
Moving Money: Inside The Global Watchlist For Banking Across Borders
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
Its a rare glimpse of an otherwise tightly guarded datastore - and its worrying: many innocent people and organizations find themselves in the World Check database, which protects banks against potentially dangerous customers. This was...
Mapping And Tracking WiFi Networks _ Devices Without Being Connected
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
Sure, WiFi hacking has been around for a while, and everyone knows about tools like airmon-ng, kismet, et al. But what if you just want to view a list of all networks in your area along with all the devices connected to them? Or maybe you...
IoD – Internet Of Dildos, A Long Way To A Vibrant Future
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
In recent years the internet of things has slowly creeped into our daily life and is now an essential part of it, whether you want it or not. A long-existing sub category of the internet of things is a mysterious area called teledildonics....
Injecting Security Controls Into Software Applications
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
SQL Injection was first mentioned in a 1998 article in Phrack Magazine. Twenty years later, injection is still a common occurrence in software applications (No.1 in latest OWASP Top 10 2017). For the last 20 years, we have been focusing...
Information, Threat Intelligence, And Human Factors
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
• There’s a huge difference between threat data, information, and intelligence. Understanding the difference is essential to getting the most out of your cybersecurity efforts. • In the progression from data to information to intelligence,...
How To Communicate About IT Security Without Getting The Cybers
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
A long long time ago any results from security research were mainly communicated via message boards and mailing lists such as full-disclosure. Today, researchers and academics have new ways to make their work known to a wider audience by...
Global Deep Scans - Measuring Vulnerability Levels Across Organizations, Industries, And Countries
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
We introduce global deep scans that provide insights into the security hygiene of all organizations exposed to the Internet. Our presentation discusses vulnerability levels across different groups of organizations and points out differences...
Everything Is Connected: How To Hack Bank Account Using Instagram
31st Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
Attacks on IVR systems and call centers of bank are interesting and funny, but sometimes they are not so effective. Usually hacker should know some users information for authorization. So, hacker can gain access to private information...
Without A Trace – Cybercrime, Who Are The Offenders?
2nd Jan 2019 [2 years ago] from DeepSec
Cybercrime is a worldwide and diverse phenomenon, which needs multidisciplinary and global prevention and intervention strategies. Regarding the situation in Austria, no evidence-based scientific analysis exists that depicts the bright...
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