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Security News from 'SecurityWeek'
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Cybersecurity M&A Roundup For Week Of Mar. 1, 2021
8th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
Several cybersecurity-related acquisitions and mergers were announced in the first week of March 2021. read more
Casting A Wide Intrusion Net: Dozens Burned With Single Hack
7th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
The SolarWinds hacking campaign blamed on Russian spies and the “grave threat” it poses to U.S. national security are widely known. A very different — and no less alarming — coordinated series of intrusions also detected in December...
F1 Team Williams Unveils New Car After Hackers Foil Launch
7th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
The Williams team presented its new Formula One car on Friday — after hackers foiled plans for an “augmented reality” launch — revealing a livery inspired by its “all-conquering cars of the 1980s and 1990s.” The British team...
Microsoft Shares Additional Mitigations For Exchange Server Vulnerabilities Under Attack
6th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
Microsoft on Friday released alternative mitigation measures for organizations who have not been able to immediately apply emergency out-of-band patches released earlier this week that address vulnerabilities being exploited to siphon e-mail...
Software Icon McAfee Charged In Cryptocurrency Scam
5th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
The creator off McAfee computer security software faces charges he cashed in on a "pump-and-dump" scheme, promoting cryptocurrencies on Twitter to drive up their value. read more
Thousands Of Mobile Apps Expose Data Via Misconfigured Cloud Containers
5th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
Thousands of mobile applications expose user data through insecurely implemented cloud containers, according to a new report from security vendor Zimperium. read more
Ransomware Takedowns Underscore Need For Private-Public Cybersecurity Collaboration
5th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
The recent disruption of Emotet, conducted by a worldwide coalition of law enforcement agencies, has huge significance. There are the obvious cybersecurity implications of disrupting what’s been called the “most dangerous malware in...
Multiple Airlines Impacted By Data Breach At Aviation IT Firm SITA
5th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
SITA, a multinational company that specializes in air transport communications and IT, this week confirmed falling victim to a cyberattack that appears to have impacted multiple airlines around the world. read more
NSA, DHS Issue Guidance On Protective DNS
5th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
The U.S. National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) this week published joint guidance on Protective DNS (PDNS). Designed to translate domain names into IP...
Report: Russian Hackers Exploit Lithuanian Infrastructure
5th Mar 2021 [one month ago] from SecurityWeek
Hacker groups linked to Russian intelligence conducted cyber-attacks against top Lithuanian officials and decision-makers last year and used the Baltic nation’s technology infrastructure as a base to hit targets elsewhere, a report by...
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