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Security News from 'The Register'
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Baddies Linked To Iran Fingered For DNS Hijacking To Read Middle Eastern Regimes Emails
10th Jan 2019 [10 days ago] from The Register
Almost unprecedented attacks use the old man-in-the-middle diddle – infoseccers Infosec biz FireEye has suggested Iran may be responsible for what it claims are DNS hijacking attacks aimed at snooping on the contents of Middle Eastern...
Before You Slink Off To The Pub, Be Sure To Patch These 19 Serious Vulns In Juniper Networks Kit
10th Jan 2019 [10 days ago] from The Register
Happy New Year from the Gin Palace Juniper Networks has had its first big bug day in months, with 19 patches announced covering everything from third-party package catchups to critical errors in password handling.…
The D In SystemD Stands For Dammmit... Security Holes Found In Much-adored Linux Toolkit
9th Jan 2019 [10 days ago] from The Register
Patches pending for distros to deal with threat of local privilege escalation to root Security biz Qualys has revealed three vulnerabilities in a component of systemd, a system and service manager used in most major Linux...
Who Cracked El Chapos Encrypted Chats And Brought Down The Mexican Drug Kingpin? Er, His IT Manager
9th Jan 2019 [10 days ago] from The Register
Feds flipped techie and recorded hundreds of calls In an extraordinary twist, it was revealed on Tuesday that the man most likely responsible for bringing drug kingpin "El Chapo" Joaquin Guzman to justice was none other than his sysadmin.…...
Google Play Store Spews Malware Onto 9 Million Droids
9th Jan 2019 [11 days ago] from The Register
How did these get through the net? Malware made it past Googles detection systems and infected some 9 million Android users, analyst Trend Micro has found. Google has removed 85 apps from the Google Play Store as a result.…
Great, Youve Moved Your Website Or App To HTTPS. How Do You Test It? Heres A Tool To Make Local TLS Certs Painless
9th Jan 2019 [11 days ago] from The Register
Breathe easier knowing youve tested your software properly A Google cyrptoboffin is close to releasing a tool that will hopefully make all of us more secure online.…
Make A SAP Decision: Apply These Security Fixes If Youre Using German Giants Software
8th Jan 2019 [11 days ago] from The Register
11 patches ship on Patch Tuesday While you were sighing your way through Microsofts Patch Tuesday, enterprise vendor SAP slid 11 security advisories under your door.…
Welcome To 2019: Your Exchange Server Can Be Pwned By An Email (and Other Bugs Need Fixing)
8th Jan 2019 [11 days ago] from The Register
Plus, bonus shock: Adobe spares Flash in January patch dump Microsoft has released the first Patch Tuesday bundle of the year, patching up 49 CVE-listed security vulnerabilities and issuing two advisories.…
Jeep Hacking Lawsuit Shifts Into Gear For Trial After US Supremes Refuses To Hit The Brakes
8th Jan 2019 [11 days ago] from The Register
Owners claim security vulns have damaged resale price A class-action lawsuit claiming Fiat-Chrysler knew about, but failed to fix, significant cybersecurity holes in its cars will go to trial in America later this year.…
Senator Wyden Goes Ballistic After US Telcos Caught Selling Peoples Location Data Yet Again
8th Jan 2019 [12 days ago] from The Register
Rights warrior ticked off after yet another report of whereabouts being flogged to dodgy geezers US Senator Ron Wyden is renewing his calls for legislation banning the sale of peoples private cellphone location information after yet another...
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