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Security News from 'The Register'
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Just In Time For The Wiki-end: Chelsea Manning Released From Prison
10th May 2019 [16 days ago] from The Register
Might be back inside soon Chelsea Manning has been released from prison after 62 days for refusing to testify to an American grand jury investigating WikiLeaks.…
Who Pwns The Watchmen? Maybe Russians Selling The Source Code For Three US Antivirus Vendors
10th May 2019 [16 days ago] from The Register
Unnamed security shops said to have lost source code A Russian hacking outfit says it has stolen confidential data from a trio of US antivirus companies.…
Double-sided Printing Data Ballsup Leaves Insurance Giant Chubb With Egg On Its Face
10th May 2019 [16 days ago] from The Register
Firm ever so sorry, takes security of info seriously, vows not to do it again etc Insurer Chubb scored a privacy own goal recently when a double-sided printing error on bulk mailers sent to customers about a policy document change contained...
US Indicts A Chinese Hacking Crew That Romped Through Anthems Servers For Almost A Year
9th May 2019 [16 days ago] from The Register
Fujie accused of killing them softly with his scripts The US Department of Justice has announced indictments against two members of a China-based hacking crew it says was behind one of the biggest hacks in American history.…
Air Force Intel Bod Daniel Hale Charged With Leaking Drone Documents To Journo
9th May 2019 [16 days ago] from The Register
Soldiers pilfered docs provided basis for drone news reports A former Air Force intelligence analyst who fed documents to the press detailing the US militarys secret drone programs has been indicted on five criminal charges.…
US Minister Invokes Maggie Thatcher, Says She Would Have Halted Huawei 5G Rollout
9th May 2019 [17 days ago] from The Register
Mike Pompeo reaches beyond grave to read Iron Ladys mind in ongoing security spat Margaret Thatcher would not let Huawei build Britains 5G networks, US foreign secretary Mike Pompeo claimed yesterday as British ministers suggested the rollout...
Enter The Minds Of Hackers At The SANS Pen Test Hackfest Europe
9th May 2019 [17 days ago] from The Register
Add new skills to your security arsenal to stay one step ahead Promo  Organisations can no longer ignore the growing problem of cybercrime, with ransomware affecting enterprises of all sizes while state-sponsored adversaries and others...
Eggheads Confirm: Rampant Android Bloatware A Privacy And Security Hellscape
9th May 2019 [17 days ago] from The Register
Bundled software not just an annoyance, its also a risk The apps bundled with many Android phones are presenting threats to security and privacy greater than most users think.…
Key To Success: Tenants Finally Get Physical Keys After Suing Landlords For Fitting Bluetooth Smart-lock To Front Door
8th May 2019 [17 days ago] from The Register
Big Apple residents werent too appy with apartment blocks high-tech security system The owners of a Manhattan apartment block have agreed to give their tenants mechanical keys to end a court battle over a keyless smart-lock system.…
Orange Is At It Again - Buys SecureLink For An Eye-watering €515m Including Debts
8th May 2019 [18 days ago] from The Register
French telcos cyber arm consumes second infosec specialist of 2019 Orange has snaffled Belgium-based security services outfit SecureLink for a whopping enterprise buy price of €515m.…
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