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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: A $350 Phone That Gives Galaxy A Whole New Meaning
19th Aug 2019 [5 days ago] from PCWorld
In no uncertain terms, there’s nothing about the $350 Galaxy A50 that’s only half as good as the $750 S10e. Quite frankly, there’s nothing about it that’s only 40 percent as good as the $900 S10, either. I know that’s not technically...
New Windows 10 Build Adds GPU Temp Monitoring, Desktop Renaming, And Settings Updates
16th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from PCWorld
Users have been waiting for the first significant builds of the upcoming Windows 10 20H1 feature release to drop, and build 18963 is just that. It offers improvements to the Task Manager, Settings, Windows Search, and even your account...
Swiftpoint Z Review: Would You Spend $230 On A Mouse?
16th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from PCWorld
Would you spend $200 on a mouse? Should you spend $200 on a mouse? Always a fan of gloriously pricey peripherals, I recently took the Swiftpoint Z for a spin to find out. At $230 list, I’m pretty sure it’s the most expensive mouse I’ve...
Deep Sentinel Home Security Review: More Than Just Cameras That Document Crime, This System Actively Deters It
16th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from PCWorld
Real people monitor these security cameras on your behalf, and theyll let any potential intruder know theyre being watched.
Why The Lower Clock Speeds On Intels 10th-gen Ice Lake CPUs Arent A Disaster
16th Aug 2019 [8 days ago] from PCWorld
Despite what’s been said for years about CPUs, megahertz still matters. So just how much should you be freaked out at the lower clock frequencies of Intel’s new 10th-gen Ice Lake CPUs? The answer goes beyond simple numbers.The issue,...
Best Antivirus For Mac: Protect Yourself From Malicious Software
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from PCWorld
We name the top free and paid Mac antivirus products to root out malicious software and prevent infections.
Microsofts Privacy Policy Admits Contractors Listen To Cortana, Skype Recordings
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from PCWorld
Microsoft’s updated privacy policy acknowledges that the company is allowing humans to listen to recordings made by Cortana and other speech services, and the company has not yet allowed customers to opt out.Microsoft’s privacy issues...
Pre-binned Ryzen 3000 CPU Listings Reveal The Limits Of AMD Overclocking Potential
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from PCWorld
AMD designed its Ryzen 3000 processors to milk out every possible ounce of performance, leaving very little room for enthusiasts to push the pedal even closer to the metal. That’s the key takeaway from Case King and Silicon Lottery listings...
Google Assistant Can Now Remind Other People To Do Things You Don’t Want To Do
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from PCWorld
Setting a reminder is one of the most useful things you can do with Google Assistant on your phone or smart speaker, especially if you’re the forgetful type. But a new feature rolling out to Assistant will make reminders even more useful,...
Amid Privacy Concerns, Google Nixes The Ability Turn Off The Status Light On Active Nest Cameras
15th Aug 2019 [9 days ago] from PCWorld
Nest Cam, Dropcam, and Hello owners will no longer be allowed to completely turn off the status lights on their cameras, although they will be able to dim them.
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